mBank vera celebrated its 100th anniversary on the domestic market. So far, it does not offer all bn services and their implementation promises in neuritch terms. Clients are pleased, but so is the competition.

She offered few services, she was able to address the pesto
At the end of November, mBank shared its first client with the name mKonto and spoic et eMax. Shortly after that, she started testing mHypotka. Today, mBank manages 80,000 savings and current loans and manages deposits in the amount of several billion Czech crowns.

Solids (85%) of all deposits account for 100 thousand crowns, 60% are over 500 thousand. enough about the mortgage, the bank registers a few plates. The bank wants to support the sale of mortgages in the coming weeks to support the marketing campaign.

It is very important that our clients begin to send their payments first to mBank. We consider this to be an extraordinary result during such a short period, said Ji Ba, CEO of mBank R. Zsadn, according to the most likely, especially from the point of view of a regular banking client, especially the fee policy. Do not pay for bn services in mBank.

Rozen portfolio of services during several weeks
We will soon be expanding our portfolio of products and services. After the mortgage, we are preparing a loan, credit cards, direct debit payments, overdrafts, investment funds, SIPO, those for entrepreneurs, SMS and e-mail Push (so-called notification services), the mPay payment system, etc., outlines the full mBank Ji Ba.

In most cases there are missing payments from abroad, as well as the possibility of the wall lasted an order with a periodicity of payment of one year. So when do clients actually do it? Probably the best implementation is the investment and the possibility of investing in investment funds. mBank promises their introduction in the short term (investment funds mBank wants to introduce piblin for msc).

The bank does not publish the exact term. In the words of its CEO, mBank should offer all standard products in the UK. In the same horizon, most of the country should be covered by its fixed branches, which today have three financial centers (this week will be in Liberec) and six kiosks. By the end of the year, another six financial centers and twelve kiosks should be established.

And how strong is the competition? Clients under pibvaj

esk spoitelna
In absolute hearing, we recorded meziron nrst. It usually works by creating an average of 90,000 Personal Bank Savings on average, and several hundred Personal Bank Savings will be canceled on average. We do not observe that this trend would change in any way with the entry of mBank on the market. Clients can set up a new bank to find out how it is. The question is, how many of them are only testing and how many of them will only become mBank clients. In addition, clients at banks appreciate that they can drink to the branch. We do not know that the bank can function without the existence of one branch, told Kristna Havligerov from corporate communication S.

Komern bank
In 2007, KB acquired a record number of new clients. In December 2007, the same finger had more than 3,000 new customers. KB is mainly involved in the acquisition of new clients thanks to a wide range of products and services, the availability of distribution channels and quality service. We did not record dn nrst in the number of outgoing clients, confirmed Marie Petrovov, head of KB communications.

Raiffeisenbank a eBanka
Let’s record a record number of new openings. The exit rate of Raiffeisenbank clients is practically unchanged, the exit rate of eBanka’s client has halved compared to the situation before the start of integration. mBank cl on another segment, not our clients, said Tom Kofro, a spokesman for Raiffeisenbank.

Potovn spoitelna
“Do not deviate from the trend in any way from the trend of the last months and from the overall point of view it is a very small percentage. I would not consider the influence of other entities on the market in this regard. It is still interesting for clients to find the price-performance ratio when it is necessary to take into account their functionality, ie the framework of services that can be used with the account. According to sz, Potovn spoitelna is also unrivaled in its credibility and wide availability, which is unrivaled due to the distribution of PS, Marek Roll, a press spokesman for PS.

GE Money Bank
We definitely do not observe the client’s day in connection with the banks’ offer. The GE Money offer is so attractive to clients that you do not look for another bank to start three other deposit products. The number of calls in the first month was completely standard, it did not deviate in any way from the norm, said Markta Dvokov, a press spokesman for GE Money Bank.

The number of closed tolls has been stable for a long time around 1 2% and with regard to the number of new tons it is negligible. In connection with mBank’s entry into the Czech market, we did not record any charges for the client’s assets. We consider the PLUS account to be a price product comparable to the mBank offer, said Petr ibid, Director of Marketing and Communication Volksbank.

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