As well as catch funds, pension funds ended last year. Although the transformed funds often dropped the return below one percent, some of the employee funds, on the other hand, brought a solid appreciation. What is pleasantly apparent during the covid-19 pandemic would raise many questions.

The heavy results of all domestic pension funds in the supplementary pension fund show that a third of them evaluated the people’s pension disputes over inflation. The best of them achieved a break of less than 8%. Only two were in disputed values.

AXA Akciova cannot be compared with other funds, or it was established only in May last year. When we look at the performance of other dynamic funds, we see quite known differences. These can be explained mainly by the different regional composition of the portfolio, channelist Martin Tomnek from the Partners group.

According to him, in general, the funds, which have a large number of portfolios invested in US stocks and emerging market stocks, have produced solid results last year. On the other hand, funds, which hold a lot of Central European actions, lagged behind in performance. This is the fund NN and Conseq.

And how have you been transformed by funds? Their results are announced by pension companies and during the spring, but now it is certain that their return will be somewhere around even mandatory conservative pension funds, that is around 0 and 1%.

Zmrtvchvstn pension funds

Going at the end of last year’s first quarter, it seems that pension funds are experiencing one of the worst years due to coronavirus. The pandemic hit the markets hardest in the month of ordinary, when the world’s main stock markets fell by more than 30 percent.

In a way, Losk wrote a textbook about finances. In fact, as a real investin folklore, the government of the stock market was then taken by a bear. But it was not just a bear market investors experienced the fastest stock market crash in history. US stocks fell 34 percent in just 23 trading days, according to the recent history of investment analyst Tomnek.

According to representatives of pension companies, as in 2009, the loose monetary policy and financial support of central banks saved the situation on the markets and the fact that most of them entered the financial markets for new pensions to cover their new debts.

The reach of central banks has given impetus to growth in the capital markets, it has continued with smaller branches until the end of the year. The provision of central banks was accompanied by the arrival of unprecedented stimulus packages to support the economy by individual governments. The last positive aspect was the approval of the first vaccine against covide-19, explains the general director of the Generali pension company Radek Moc.

That is why, according to him, for example, the American stock market, even a big decline, ended at the end of the year by 15.5 percent in the last year. The optimistic level is still coming this year. This is especially due to the vaccination and fiscal stimulus in the world.

Let’s take a look at the low base years of the rates, which should, according to the help of economic recovery. The sectors have the greatest potential for growth, they have been hit the hardest by the crisis and have not yet recovered from the downturn, such as the travel, financial and energy sectors. The biggest threats are the uncontrolled distribution of vaccines, virus mutations and pd action, it is most benefited in the coronavirus environment, to Moc.

astnick versus transformovan fondy

In retirement with a large contribution, there are about a million and a quarter people in the Czech Republic. The vast majority in transformed funds, which have the advantage that they can not fall into questionable values, but first of all, therefore their kadoron input is very low. Not inflation, which in the long run significantly reduces the contribution. However, this does not apply to pension funds in supplementary pension funds, which in Czech use a small percentage of people who retire. One of the main reasons is that the fight is lost.

Equity funds, especially the dynamic ones, invest in the event, and you have an obvious high volatility right in your DNA. There have been and will certainly be years when stocks will show a slight decline. But that’s absolutely right. However, in the long run, the shares have rewarded investors with three above-mentioned returns. And this is the long horizon in pension funds, explains Martin Tomnek, adding that many dynamic funds will still increase the value of their assets in cash and in conservative investments.

According to him, this proved to be a reasonable strategy during the coronavirus pandemic. When the portfolio manager of a dynamic equity fund does not hold the fund’s assets in shares, but is parked in conservative investments, I can use any thorns to buy cheap stocks, add. What’s in your insight is a bruise. Investors must still be very uncertain.

We don’t know how virus mutations appear. We don’t know how far they will be vaccinated against them. So we don’t know what percentage of the population to be hooked. If that’s not enough, because, for example, many will succumb only to conspiracy theories, it will be a problem, Tomnek concludes.

Results of investment funds in 2020
Pension company and astnick fundReviewed in 2020
Axa Akciov *14,41 %
Allianz Dynamick7,56 %
SOB Dynamick6,51 %
S Dynamick6,10 %
Generali Dynamick5,38 %
Axa Vyven5,19 %
S Vyven4,60 %
Alliance Vyven4,55 %
UNDER Vyven4,21 %
S Etick**3,90 %
KB Dynamick3,42 %
Generals Vyven3,13 %
Inflation*****3,00 %
NN Vyven2,79 %
KB Vyven2,51 %
Axa Bonds1,65 %
SOB Povinn Conservative Fund1,54 %
NN Povinn Conservative Fund1,36 %
Conseq Bonds1,23 %
Allianz Mandatory Conservative Fund1,20 %
SOB Guaranteed1,14 %
S Mandatory Conservative Fund1,00 %
KB Spoic0,91 %
General Spoic0,86 %
KB Povinn Conservative Fund0,77 %
SOB Pro penzi ***0,64 %
AXA Povinn Conservative Fund0,64 %
General Povinn Conservative Fund0,53 %
Conseq Povinn Conservative Fund0,42 %
KB Penn****0,25 %
NN Rstov-2,20 %
Conseq Globln stock-3,92 %
Source:; * The fund was established in May 2020, in performance
is from t time and is not pumped to ron;
** has been operating since 2018; *** the fund was established in July 2020, the performance is from
t time and not pepotena on ron; **** has been operating since the end of 2019; ***** for
year 2020 is an estimate, at the end of November, inflation was for the last 12 months
at 3.2%, the trend is declining
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