Nkte businessman salary employees double salary. Send only the minimum and pay the rest in cash sideways. This is a bag known to employees in many cases inappropriate.

The salesman Renata (40) has been without work for some time. She wrote a professional CV and covered with several smaller stores with clothes and cosmetics. Surprisingly, they drank in several of them, it was a hack. Officially, Renata would receive only a low salary, ranging from eight and ten thousand crowns, and she could receive additional prints in cash in a suit. Naerno. When she disagreed and demanded a hundred days to enter into the employment contract, she did not march.

Employees are at the mercy of the employer

“Unfortunately, this problem is not unique, similar offers are enough, and so that despair is often received by a number of people, especially in services, hospitality, construction and workers’ professions,” said Jan Kaparov of the Eskomoravian Trade Union Confederation.

The reason is simple – people who cannot find work for a long time are forced by circumstances to accept even certain unsuitable working conditions. In fact, often let a miserable employer persevere.

This is also confirmed by the first-time specialist Klra Valentov from the law firm Ambruz & Dark, who also warns: Get yourself into a situation where the employers are completely at their mercy, because illegal wages on them can usually not enforce anything and they can never be sure if their pension is promised at all. including a number of doors, for the creation or in the future I can create employees of the year. ”

This concerns in particular sickness benefits, unemployment benefits and old-age pensions. All these two are deducted only from the official payment of wages.

You can get into this difficult situation even if you want to raise or buy anything in installments, most banks and other financial institutions will require a certificate of regular income from everyone. The name will be given to you, so your hope is to get any loan.

How to armor

The state labor inspectorate and other authorities at first have a clear view on something: Work, its payment is (or its payment) black, definitely not to take.

Xenie John’s bag, the branch of the branch of the Capital City of Prague in Prague 9, is unfortunately probably the only defense option that the employee has: “The employment contract is an agreement between two parties, but the employer is always in a suitable and strong position, because he is the first choose a worker – not the other way around. “

The possibility, of course, is to file a complaint or complaint, for example, with a labor inspectorate or a financial board, but unfortunately even in this way the employer cannot be directly forced to offer a standard working conditions. “It is very difficult to prove double pay in practice,” explains Lucie Schreierov from the Department of Labor Relations and the conditions of the Sttnho series of labor inspection.

If, during the inspection, the inspector actually finds out that the employer violates the employment regulations in connection with the paid employee, they may impose a fine of up to two million crowns.

According to Miroslava Bardonkov from the Financial Directorate for the Capital City of Prague, they do not have the tools to solve the problem of black wages. If the financial availability is available to a specific employer, they have an operational control. If it finds that the facts have not been paid in the prescribed manner, the financial adviser shall prescribe to the employer their additional payment, including penalties and one year of delay.

Unlike the employer, employees are not at risk of sanctions.

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