She is very much afraid of her teeth. Pr u from the time when she was called as a holie rod into the work of her shooter-zubae.

Jitka Lochmanov recalls: “He went to our house and tore my tiny teeth because of the same. To this day, I remember standing there like a mule in the middle of a collar, and a dick gradually broke my teeth unnecessarily with my thumb.

The fear of the teeth is, according to the bottom, the fear of pain, but in modern surgeries, the doctor tries to remove the pain with very available means. Suffering the rest is nonsense, so when working under local anesthesia (local anesthesia).

Opening a surgery without a clientele is very risky today
At the age of 18, when most people decide what to pay, Jitka Lochmanov did not have a clear idea of ​​further study. But her father did. So she obeyed him and studied dentistry. “Then followed the usual activities such as weddings, having children, digging up mounds and thinking about the boring work at the clinic,” Lkaka said.

Boredom ended after 1989 and work opportunities changed radically. After the revolution, she took a loan and in 1994 opened a private dental practice. She did not privatize the existing surgery with patients, so the arrest was not easy at all. He admits that he should be very worried even without a clientele, because today the initial investment in a competitive practice is high and the pressure to meet the loan or lease is very burdensome.

According to Jitka Lochman, those who want to have a prosperous medical practice today must at least be aware of the finances, jobs and marketing. He has to keep up with the growing dentists and keep getting up. In addition to the study of professional literature, they should regularly attend professional seminars on new materials and skull procedures.

Na lidi mla tst
One dental doctor, a dental hygienist and two dental nurses work in the surgery, and they are employed. “I had a fortune, but I don’t have any personal problems with my colleagues or nurses,” the dentist smiled. In general, you cannot rely on interpersonal relationships. Even after the introduction of a fee at lkae. He both forgets something, but it didn’t happen that someone would refuse to pay them.

In addition to practical dentistry, she began to study periodontology seven years ago and implantology a year ago. About dental implants, although the price for one ranges from 10 to 20 thousand crowns, is interesting. People want to separate as much as possible the situation where they will have to share the snmac compensation. “If the patient wants, I have the financial means and the state of health to allow it, then the implant is very elegant help,” sums up the dentist.

She enjoys work and the only thing that makes her happy is the expansive equipment. “For one seal, I have to weave several devices in two rooms,” he explains on a specific example. According to n, the costs of running the surgery are very high, but there is a great disproportion between the castle and the actual cost.

Dentistry is thus known to be physically employed. The model of the patient’s seat and treatment is well known, but not always implemented and usable. And petitioned, whether it was… “From my own experience, I know that there is no other way to practice. I’m not personally but I’m not in the gym – I can see in the fitness center, and when it’s the best, ”concludes the dentist.

How does he work

  • Working day

    Vstvm around eight. Due to the fact that children are very large and independent (16 and 22 years old), I can fully concentrate on work. With that zanm at 10 and konm around 18 o’clock.

  • Relaxation
    The answer is very active – in winter downhill skiing and skiing, summer cycling, tennis, hiking.
  • Satisfied
    The last time I was potpt with a bird in Egypt.
  • Vzdlvn
    In addition to the necessary additional professional information, I am interested in history.
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