The lack of people in the market forces companies to invest faster in robotics and artificial intelligence. Within five years, the composition of the professions will change dramatically. Robots now take over the work for you, I sell and sell to administrative staff. A new new future will emerge.

With the changes brought about by the inconvenient industrial quarter of the revolution marked 4.0, and with new demands on the skills of individual candidates, people will need positions such as drone operator, happiness manager, big data specialist, cloud services and virln marketing.

Most of the new professions are related to secret, they are various IT developments and designs. Smartphones, affordable laptops and a well-known internet have accelerated work in many other areas, so there are more jobs such as a drone pilot, e-learning manager or virtual assistant.

Some of the new professions brought with them the possibilities of a great debt. These are, for example, bloggers and youtubers who promote certain goods and thanks to their large groups of followers, and suddenly there is a large audience, to Tom Surka, a dc partner of the Czech branch of the personal consulting company Devire.

You can also see in the job vacancies and the position of job manager in the English Chief Hapiness Officer. In companies, he makes sure that people are respected at work.

What interesting professions can you encounter in today’s market and what do you have to know in order to be able to run for the future?

Drone pilot

Drones are a phenomenon of recent years, their use is spreading. The weapons, which two could only be used from a helicopter, can be obtained more easily and cheaper.
Who makes me a drone pilot: I have experience with professional photography and video recording.

Interirov designr

As the life of a new company grows, so does the demand for architects and designers who will design the appearance of the entire apartment. The designer’s chest gets a design of kitchens, built-in cabinets and other furniture, the floors work with the designed covering.
Who is my designer: architect or graduate of design studies.

Manaer tst

This job position two evoked a codolib of smv in your colleagues. Now, at a time of low unemployment, this position is occupied by many companies. I want the employees to be satisfied and not to go for a better time. The younger generation generally heard more about the so-called worklife balance. This is the challenge between their personal interests and work, and with that, let us first help them.
Kdo me bt manaerem tst: personalist, psychologov

Content/ Copywriter

Businesses need more than one person who writes texts for their websites or create texts and look for suitable photos for their Facebook entries.
Kdo me bt writerem: newspapers, advertising texts, but also people who manage, take photos and videos and are at home on the Internet.

Hr or e-sports manager

The edge of pot games has become a big business that needs managers and so professional play.
Who makes me a professional game of e-sports: a lover of potato games, which belongs to the absolute pice in the edges of certain games.

Robotization technician

Let’s find ourselves in robotics, automatic work still more often replaces human labor. The robot is also required to operate, program and service the robot.
Who can be a robotics technician: technical round graduate, programmer

SEO Manager

When he wants to be a craftsman or a trader, he must have internet pages and these must appear in searches in the front cities. To um zadit manaei SEO.
Kdo me bt manaerem SEO: IT specialist who can work with web analysis.

Virtuln asistent

For small companies or self-employed people, provide all the necessary agenda – from the purchase of tickets and air tickets through the room to certain topics and to the box for the needs of tax returns.
Who makes me a virtual assistant: graduates of business rounds

Uitel e-learning

Lifelong learning becomes a reality, people do not end with the knowledge they have learned about the round, as it used to be two. They educate themselves throughout the professional career and in that the help of e-learning or learning with the help of information technologies will help them.
Who makes me an e-learning teacher: uitel, personalist

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