First sun and heat bathe the days lure out, freshen up the first time to think about this year’s vacation. I should not be one of the fans of the real summer heat and intend to avoid the cadres of the rain and the pressure on the debtor’s rivers and the end of summer. In connection with the darkness, it pays to wonder what cash to travel with.

The big people don’t like to rely only on enough cash. In addition, not all events that you may encounter during your stay abroad can be filled for a long time. The best thing to do is to prepare for the so-called top and insure yourself for each case. How to do it?

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One of the monch een is to have at least one payment card, in two cases two. It is generally recommended to speak of a combination of cards of different associations, preferably VISA and MasterCard. At least one should be an embossed card, ie acceptable even where there are errors electronically connected between the merchant and his bank.

This is where you lose your cash, e.g. you have a credit card at your disposal. Simply find the nearest ATM and withdraw cash. The transaction will be charged a relatively high fee, but at the moment when you do not have a pension, but you need it, similar thoughts go away. Fees for withdrawing cash abroad at banks are usually around 100 crowns and 0.5% of the selected amount. This fee for a cash transaction often seems to be the case, especially in comparison with the value of customs duties, which is completely negligible.

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The second option of using a payment card is a cashless payment for goods and services. On the plus side, banks do not usually charge for these transactions. Practically the only limiting factor is therefore the balance on your bank here. If it is possible to pay by card in the store and restaurant, be sure to do so.

Last but not least, it should be emphasized that it is possible to connect with the payment card, especially during long stays abroad, the prices of suitable travel insurance for cardholders, or family members. Travel insurance for payment cards Some banks even offer it directly in the price of the payment card, pp. banking package product.

How else to do without cash?
A slightly neglected and not a full alternative to cash, travelers are popular in the west of our borders. These are securities that repair the person in them listed to pay the cash when they are presented, according to the conditions set by the eve. Probably the most famous company that publishes travelers is Thomas Cook. These checks are generally acceptable, ie. many hotels can also fly to the castle for services. You can even pay with them in the store.

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It is always advisable to divide your finances (cash, payment cards, etc. travel cards) into several cities, do not leave them together or during the money. Credit cards should not be retired in the true sense of the word, the bag requires the same attention and caution as cash.

The indisputable advantage of the combination of means of payment is that they complement each other appropriately and create a sufficient financial reserve on our travels. It is not advisable to carry large amounts of cash during the holiday, but to avoid the fees due to tolls on debtors in some countries and to buy in vending machines. It is definitely better to prepare for all the scenes that can occur abroad. One way to do this is to take your first credit card with you. Then have the option to pull it out immediately. Not only nerves, but also a lot of possible further redundancies and a lot of money, even for the return journey. Don’t forget the opportunity to check in advance on the Visa and MasterCard websites if and where you can spend your holiday at an ATM.

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