Before that, you do not decide to buy an apartment in a star building, compare the pros and cons of this purchase. On the one hand, you can save money before buying a new apartment. On the other hand, sweat the bag with the costs of a possible reconstruction.

Are you considering owning a home and grinding several options? If you are deciding between buying an apartment in a new building and an apartment in an old building, let’s take a few suggestions to help you decide. tte so Pros and cons of buying an apartment in a new building.

Advantages of buying an old apartment


The price is usually lower for old apartments than for apartments in new buildings. When assessing the price of the appropriateness of the purchase, it is necessary to take into account the amount of funds that you go to issue less repairs and repairs to the apartment or possible reconstruction. In some cases, the total cost spent may exceed the price of the same quality housing in a new building. In general, the prices are old, and at the same time quality housing.

The apartment is inhabited

Due to the fact that the apartment was previously inhabited by the previous owner, the useful features of the apartment are experienced. If the apartment had any serious defects (arrested by the ceiling, lack of windows), its former owner most likely removed these defects.

The advantage is that it is easier for the buyer to find out what he is getting into. From the original owner I can get information about the neighbors, about the cost of running the apartment (energy and services) and the like.

Location, civic amenities, transport service

The advantage of an apartment in an old building can be located on its own. Old houses and those that may have originally stood on the outskirts, over time, become part of the city. Its transport service (with the introduction of new bus and tram lines) and civic amenities are improving.

Disadvantages of buying an old apartment

Layout and appearance

The materials and equipment of the apartment of old date of production either over time do not meet the useful and aesthetic aspects of modern living, or there may be problems with the functionality of some systems. He had no costs to exchange and put me on.


In the case of buying an apartment in a new building, the buyer may complain about the defective system of the new apartment to the building contractor / developer. However, in the case of an old apartment with a grain, it is usually not possible to sweat, with the exception of some new ones.

Quality and st pouitch materil

The old apartment is the new owner of the ribs in the form as instructed by the previous owner. And if he does not have to reconstruct in his mind in a drastic way, he has to build with the new apartment in the given form. For example, we do not need to change the proportions of individual rooms and their locations.

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