Prepare beforehand that you may get into trouble with fulfillment. Do not sign a faith contract, wonder under what conditions and for how long the mon installments can be postponed.

Don’t put on the “magic of Christmas”

Do you know that Christmas will not be happy just because there will be more goodness on the table, under the tree of luxury handles and you will see a fairy tale on the new TV? The joyful feeling of a perfect Christmas will not last until January, when reality unfolds and only the debt you have to pay remains. “Debts have to have a short life, not something you want to do,” says Hynek Filip, owner of Sampa’s debt collection agency and DebtAid debt counsel. You can sell the electronics pinejhorm, but there will be nothing left of the descent to the mountains.

When you think about what and what you want to buy for debt, you choose the first vr and remember how high a loan you are able to handle, you don’t have to worry about. It is important to approach the eventual debt rationally, not emotionally. Don’t get carried away by the “magic of Christmas” and don’t buy into debt just because the others do so. When you let your decision fly for a few days, find out that you don’t even want to find out.

Potejte ask

See how high you can handle. Sow all the incomes and deduct the data from them. It is better to keep such statistics for a period of time so that you do not forget about irregular payments.

Let’s say you earn 16,000 and spend 12,000 crowns. This does not mean that the remaining 4,000 crowns can be spent in installments, optimally in such a case 2,000 crowns. You should have a reserve for you in case of illness. Experts advise that you should have a pension in the family office, which can cost you at least two or three months of life.

Moreover, according to the economist, the financial crisis will fall in full for another year and the threat of job loss will also affect And don’t worry about employers flocking to payroll.

Choose the first vr

There are several options where you can take a pension – from overdraft to credit card, including at the bank and to the purchase of goods or installments. Do not pay a crown in addition, when you choose the so-called vr without paying from some of the company’s installments – you must adhere to the given installment calendar. When you can repay the debt in the so-called smooth period, usually within 45 and 55 days, you can avoid the year with a credit card.

In order to be able to compare individual loans with each other, be mainly interested in the APR – this is the so-called annual percentage rate of charge, which as a percentage expresses the total cost per year (year and fees). m is the APR you, tm is vr dra. While loans at the bank have an APR of two percent, for non-bank providers it is hundreds of percent. Avoid this pjkm.

Consider a fuse

Prepare yourself in advance for a situation where you would get into trouble with fulfillment. Do not sign a faith contract, wonder under what conditions and for how long the mon installments can be postponed. In the case of installment companies, the installment can only be deferred to arrest, ie to meet you and after those months. Even with banks, there is no full delay, you usually have to negotiate with the bank. If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have to pay, contact the teacher immediately. Only then can you agree with us on something acceptable for both parties.

You can find advice and help, for example, at the Association of Citizens’ Advice Bureaus (, SPES ( or DebtAid (

You ask if the loan does not pay for insurance against insolvency. Offer it in installments from the company and the bank, and it will cost 3 and 6 percent of the amount of the installment in ms, which means 40 and 80 crowns in the case of a ten thousandth loan. Insurance against protection against illness, disability, death and loss of employment. Do not think that the insurance company for the payment will take from the first day of illness, you usually have to marry at least msc.

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