Anyone who is going to sell or buy a property must have a purchase contract ready for the entire transaction. And it doesn’t matter if the business takes place through a real estate agency or arrange it yourself.

The specific form of the purchase contract is derived from the subject of the purchase. In the case of real estate transfer, you specify the specifics that need to be “oetit” in the contract.

Who is a party to the treaty?

The seller and the buyer must be precisely identified in the contract (name, surname, address). It must always be stated who is the seller and who is the buyer. In addition, the identification of the seller must correspond to how it is written on the title deed. Manel must be referred to in the contracts as “manel”.

The first person must be specified by the name, identification number and message of the company, and the contract should include the person who, when selling the property on behalf of the first person.

Subject of sale – real estate specifications

It is necessary to define as precisely as possible the sold property, including its parts and complete accessories.

The property – the building – is defined by the descriptive and parcel of the land on which it stands. In case that the subject of the sale is also given land and real estate, which is not related to the real estate, it is necessary to state their parcel.

Declaration on how to acquire ownership and defects

The seller declares in the contract that he is the owner of the sale of the real estate, directly changing the way he acquired the real estate – the so-called buyer title. The necessary bite is the identification of the letter of the document (date of writing, number of proceedings, etc.).

In the purchase contract, the seller is obliged to notify the buyer of any first and other defects in the property, if any. He is also obliged to draw attention to the actual defects that have a negative impact on the full value of the property (damaged statics, clogged waste, malfunctioning wiring, etc.).

Declaration of speech

The system of the purchase contract must unconditionally state that the seller will sell this particular property, and declare to the buyer that he is buying the property at the agreed price.

Buy price

It must be stated in which price the price was agreed for me, and the price should be stated both in words and in words. The purchase price is based on the agreement of the parties.

The way castles buy prices

It is possible to arrange payment in cash at the front of the property and at the signing of the contract or by bank transfer (this will state the period within which the castle must be executed).

In the case of cases, only three prices have been paid, with the remainder being paid in the future or being negotiated gradually. Then it is necessary to list the exact installment calendar, state the dates of the installments, their knowledge and the method of financial transfer. This is especially important in the case where the purchase of real estate is financed by the buyer with a bank loan.

The system of the purchase contract must also include paragraph o pedn and take over the property, where it should be recorded when and on the basis of how the facts occur before the property.

Zvren established and signatures are the last and last part of the purchase contract.

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