Mortgage rates have risen again at the end of the year. The unexpected jump was performed mainly by mortgages with a one-year fixation period, which even attacked the 100% limit.

After several months, mortgages rose again in December. The average rate of change with the FINCENTRUM HYPOINDEX indicator increased by six hundredths of a percentage point to 5.69%, which is a number of 35 basis points compared to December last year.

For the whole year, the name simply arithmetic average, the average year rate of mortgages reached the value of 5.61%.

The still high level of annual rates, outside the holidays, less the number of working days, but especially the fears of the population from further economic development have significantly affected the sweat of new mortgages.

Even though the mortgage banks most likely in the turn of the year did not coincide with the days of reversible hearing, the fact was in the case of some banks most likely to go up the mountain, not as expected.

In December 2008, banks provided only 4,315 mortgages, which is 4% less than in the previous month and at least since November 2006, when a total of 3,538 loans were provided.

In December, the bank’s total clients received a mortgage in the amount of 7.73 billion crowns and the average number of crowns was 1,792,134 crowns.

Very interesting is the development of annual rates and other indicators that banks reported in the category of mortgages with a one-year fixation. Compared to November 2008, this variant of mortgages rose by as much as 22 basis points, and on average the rate stopped just below one hundred percent (5.99%).

The jump was also based on the average number of mortgages, when the “average client” drew from the bank vr in the amount of 2,230,913 crowns.

In the case of the so-called ptiletch mortgages (agreed time fixation years of the rate to five years), there was also an increase in the average years of the rate, but at a different rate, not the case with a one-year fixation.

The average rate of ptiletch mortgages rose by five hundredths of a percentage point to 5.59% in December, and the average year-on-year mortgage reached CZK 1,580,527.

Where you can update

At the end of this year, a number of banks presented their revised year tariffs. For example, mBank, Komern banka, LBBW Bank and Raiffeisenbank have decided to cut rates.

Wstenrot Mortgage Bank currently offers an extraordinary discount on the mortgage fee. The offer applies only to mortgages with an agreed five-year fixation period and the applicant must apply for the contract by 31 January 2009 at the latest.

Komern banka offers its clients a permanent – 100% discount on the processing fee on the Czech market of mBank, Raiffeisenbank, esk spoitelna and a flat fee of CZK 2,900. In addition, a number of banks do not charge clients a fee for issuing mortgages if they decide to refinance their existing mortgage with a new one.

Summary for December
Fixation period of the rate years all fixations 1 year 5 let
Hypoindex5,69 %5,99 %5,59 %
Change from last msci (bp)6225
Prmrn ve hypotky (tis. K)1 7922 2311 580
Msn spltka 1 million mortgages for 20 years (K)6 9897 1576 923
Msn spltka 1 million mortgages for 15 years (K)8 2748 4328 218
elovost vr:
According to vr for purchase on the total pot, incl64 %72 %62 %
According to vr for construction on the total sweat, incl21 %18 %19 %
According to other vr on the total sweat vr15 %10 %19 %

Indicator methodology HYPOINDEX FINCENTRUM: HYPOINDEX FINCENTRUM values ​​of mortgage prices in time. It is out of the average year rate at which providers are in a given calendar month new mortgages for individuals. The weights are the volumes provided incl. Input data for deposits is provided by the following banks: esk spoitelna, SOB, GE Money Bank, Hypoten banka, Komern banka, Raiffeisenbank, UniCredit Bank, Volksbank CZ and Wstenrot hypoten banka.

Conditions inside the FINCENTRUM HYPOINDEX indicator: FINCENTRUM HYPOINDEX can be freely only with the designation “FINCENTRUM HYPOINDEX” and the source “” (in the case of Internet media with an active click on

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