If the financial budget has exhausted the year, vry can help. Two, but you do not want to spend more money, do not allow your income, you need to think about how later you will pay off your debts. years of pjen stky can climb and to 26.4% ron.

The most available are overdraft and credit card

Short-term loans, which are mainly used to hell the time discrepancy between expenses (and both fulfilled and non-fulfilled) and income, are mainly so-called overdrafts, or cash and credit cards were allowed.

The overdraft is offered by most domestic banks as a standard system here, including a fee. When arranging it, do not stay at the oven for less than a minute. The parameters of the future loan are usually bad only on the applicant’s payment mark and you know his current income. Accordingly, the bank determines whether vr will provide at all and in what way. The bank usually does not require the provision of an overdraft (eg a guarantee volume).

You often sign an overdraft agreement for an indefinite period. At least once a year, but the bank will want to settle the long run. If, however, you only draw on the agreed debt, even the limit of the agreed debt is not regular income, you do not have to worry about these conditions either. Each incoming payment preferentially covers the current debt and thus shifts the term required maturity by another 6 and 12 months.

Credit cards work like an overdraft, but only the conditions are met. Each month, the credit card requires you to pay at least a minimum installment, which is usually around 5 percent of the current debt. However, if you pay off the debt of customs duties, you can avoid paying the year due to the so-called bezronm period (usually lasts 45-55 days). Pay for the overdraft of the overdraft and credit card in one year.

For overdrafts, the years have ranged from 12 to 19 percent of the year, and for credit cards from 14.8 to 26.4 percent of the year.

you zvazk put slouit

If you are in debt for two, you have the option of consolidating (serving) the debt in one single currency. Even with that, you need to be very careful. It cannot be forgotten that you often have additional costs associated with the temporary castle of the current volumes, for example, pay the fees first for the early repayment, but also pay the fee for the return.

Dal is a significant factor that should decide what you have to influence with the existing debts is the fact that the new year will most likely be high, but with low installments. This bag can only be achieved if the piste is fulfilled for a long time. You get rid of the debt more slowly, the new price is again broken.

Pesto where to go for such vr? Only some banks (for example, GE Money Bank, Komern banka, LBBW) offer a specialized product for merging existing volumes, but you will succeed with the requirement for you to replace them. Travel with the year in comparison with credit cards and overdrafts with them, the furnace is just a long time.

The supply in individual banks is at the level of 10 percent, but in the case of consumer banks you can also reach a year. For example, LBBW provides vry with a year of 7.15 percent ron.

At first glance, this may seem tempting to you, but you don’t have to reach for it at all. Not only for these loans, in addition to the creditworthiness of the applicant (the ability to meet their obligations), a number of other factors also determine the specific conditions. These employees of the bank verify enough about the company, so-called scoring. At the same time, it happens that the bank even refuses to provide the loan.

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