Komern banka prepared and prepared for its clients in surprise. It is not two times what she has indicated in the field of payment cards for this year, now two new all-inclusive bank packages. Who should pay off and who should get their hands off them?

With flat fees for the most common banking services, the so-called “all-inclusive” packages, Komern banka ranked for this city in the overall ranking of banks with a similar offer. The business was followed by GE Money Bank with its “genius” accounts, and now Komern banka also joined with its new product packages – Extra account and Premium account. These are intended for retail (non-business) clients.

KB Premium konto GE Genius Active GE Genius Active+ B Stan-dardB Strong
Msn popl.125 K325 K119 K169 K99 K169 K
Payment cardsboth.
+ electric.
2 times
and electr.
2 embos. and electr.electric.both.
+ 2nd card with 50% discount
from ATM domc bank
+ 3
without limits.without limits.without limits.without limits.
on pep.
free of chargefree of chargefree first, put 6 Kfree first, put 6 K20 K20 K
Vbr on pep.0.15%, min. 45 K0.15%, min. 45 K60 Kfree first, put 60 K20 K20 K

Source: Banks

Extra account vyuije pedevm active client

The first new KB package to look at is the Extra account. Paul 125 crowns vnum you can get bn et vetnch vnch entries, 3 + 1 free withdrawal in the month from KB ATMs (3 vouchers embossed card + 1 vbr electronic card), two international payment cards, travel insurance in the payment card also for family members, virtual card for internet payments, pmho banking services, payment orders entered via internet or mobile banking, all incoming payments.

There is no risk of a fee for interbank payments either. In addition, no fee is set up, change and cancellation of standing orders and direct debits via the Internet, zero fees are for payments of standing orders and direct debits, all cash deposits in KB, overdraft and maintenance and use.

At the moment, you do not have to collect or cancel the collection through KB internet banking, this will change in May of this year.

Premium account is a theme for nron

The second package presented by KB to the public is the so-called Premium account. Due to its wide range of payment cards, this bag is intended for far more demanding clients. Msn fee for maintaining a Premium account is 325 crowns, in addition to the Extra account, you also get the following services:

suitable dog year, gold payment card including all withdrawals from KB ATMs, above-standard travel insurance and extensive assistance services with additional programs. In addition, go internationally embossed payment card, including those free withdrawals from KB msn ATMs.

so not to GE, mal client

Dokaj and passive clients?

It follows from the above that those with Paul have something to offer their clients, a bag of accidents is decided for everyone. This, of course, pays not only for KB accounts, but also for GE Money Bank, iut ivnostensk banka news. The main round of product packaging should be to reduce the client’s total cost of management here, not outside. However, the passive client (with a small number of transactions) could not go yet.

The passive client for his banking transactions now exchanges income, not if he uses the news. That’s why you should be obese and have every offer, two of them will not use it, you invite it for a very long time. Let’s hope that banks will soon come up with suitable packages first for these passive clients.

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