60 percent of the people have retirement reserves. A favorite among savings products is a pension with a permanent contribution. If you have a old pension, ie you connect the pension, you can’t get to minus. This is ordered by stt. But the stadium did not pay much. Anyone who has a supplementary pension scheme, ie a new pension, can spend money, but also get into the red.

According to the latest public pension funds, 658,464 people are retiring in a new supplementary pension fund, with a total of eight pension companies in their pension funds.

Most manager (206 228) m esk spoitelna penzijn společnost. The least in terms of sweat stand, is the Conseq Pension Company with 15,614 participants.

Whoever decides to join in the supplementary pension supplement, ie in the new pension, can, according to his nature, decide with what degree of risk he wants to store and value his pension. The possibility of earnings is, of course, redeemed by the risk, but if you have to retire for years, the uncertainty of course decreases, explains the Jan Sedlek Association of Pension Societies.

However, the new pension savings supplement also supports the state in the form of contributions and tax levies. The state support is up to 230 crowns and at less than 3 thousand crowns people can dream of a tax deposit of 24 thousand crowns and thus save another 3,600 crowns.

Spoen for retirement: sttn contribution and tax rebate
Own msn payment in K1003005008001000150020003000
Sttn msn pspvek v K090130190230230230230
Ron quite a bit on the data v K.0000090018003600
Total ron benefits in K01080156022802760366045606360
Note: Dreaming of a tax base of 24 thousand K (ie the same 3,600 K) will be made through a tax return for 2017, which will be signed in 2018.

The stadium can also decide whether to move from the existing pension company to another, who will evaluate their pension better. Even those who join the pension in the old pension connection have the opportunity to join the new supplementary pension savings.

How eight pension companies are doing

Which pension company is able to evaluate the pension of the best manager, which is the most popular and how many people choose conservatively and you have a dynamic strategy? In cooperation with analysts Scott & Rose and the professional portal Finparda.cz, we have the right answers.

The needs of individual types of funds according to strategy, such as growth and dynamics, development or conservative, do not disclose individual companies. Therefore, during the analysis, we have to deal with the needs of the participants of the supplementary pension savings in all the employee funds of the company, says Finpardy.cz analyst and editor-in-chief Zdenk Bubk.

Graph 1: V

Graph 1: Development of sweat in PCBs by company 12/2015 – 6/2017

In their evaluation, analysts therefore spend an average of the evaluated funds of all pension funds of the pension company.

When compiling the amount that the pension company pays to the pensioners in the supplementary pension scheme (DPS) the most so far, then also take into account the total number of the pensioners in the specific pension company and the capital of the company, ie the volume of pensions.

ebek according to sweat standard and volume of svench pensions

The most popular company is esitel spoitelna – penzijn společnost. Among the eight pension funds, it leads not only in the number of participants, but also in the amount of its own capital, ie in the volume of pensions, which are shared by the participants and which they value. In terms of the volume of funds, the type of pension company is esk pojiovny and tet SOB Pension company.

Penzijn společnosti (PS) as at 30 June 2017
own chapter vmil. TO
by fund type in%
esk spoitelna PS206 2288 104,2767,3324,658,02
PS esk pojiovny151 6704 933,014,0189,141)6,84
UNDER PS103 2433 694,4256,3534,992)8,66
KB PS103 6973 045,2360,0524,5815,37
Alliance PS32 5771 180,9741,1830,5928,24
AXA PS27 9401 136,4636,9563,053)0
NN PS17 495758,8564,0217,9318,05
Conseq PS15 614742,370,9435,814)63,255)
Source: Finparda.cz
zdat APS; 1) a competition under the Spoicho and Vyvenho astnickní fond; 2)
suet podlu Garantovanho a Vyvenho astnickho fondu; 3) suet podlu
Vyvenho and Bond Equity Fund; 4) value
zaDluhopisovastnick fond; 5) value per Global stock
astnick fond

ebek according to the average evaluated pension

From the point of view of the average annual evaluation of all pensions in the period from 2016 to 2017, the number of pension companies is different. The best average value of 7.5% is achieved by Conseq penzijn společnosti, even in the long run.

Graph 2: V

Graph 2: Development of the external average of all employee pension funds and pension companies

This company thanks to the fact that its participants have more space for the application of dynamic strategies, and thus higher evaluation. Conseq globln akciová astnick fond, its appreciation for the past year (from October 10, 2016 to October 10, 2017, editor’s note) in 15.30 percent, will help us in this, comments analyst Zdenk Bubk.

In second place in the average appreciation of all employee funds is NN Penzijn společnost (average appreciation 3.81%), which again belongs to the names of the company. The evaluation of the dynamic growth fund of this company for the past year (from 13 October 2016 to 13 October 2017) in the high 24.25%, analysts said.

Average number of rated funds
Pension Society (PS)Average evaluation of employee funds pa
Conseq PS7,50 %
NN PS3,81 %
esk spoitelna PS1,26 %
KB PS1,13 %
Alliance PS1,05 %
PS esk pojiovny1,05 %
UNDER PS1,02 %
Axa PS0,06 %
Source: Finparda.cz zdat APS, propoet k 30. 9. 2017

This is the city of the Czech Savings and Pension Company (average appreciation of 1.26%), which, according to its expectations, is best performed by the External Equity Fund and the Dynamic Equity Fund. This fact is exacerbated by the fact that the pension company is the largest in the market in terms of the needs of PCBs, and therefore less room for maneuver in terms of the composition of individual strategies and in the future probably has to create conservative strategies than in changing companies, the values ​​of analysts.

The following criteria are evaluated in this eb:

  • out of the average value of funds of all employee funds the tax of the pension company is calculated with the help of the evaluation of individual pension funds for the past 1 year and the current number of pension units in the given fund (1 pension unit = 1 crown deposited in the given pension fund) in the amount of 70%
  • number of active participants total in pension funds tax of the pension company vha 20%
  • ve vlastnho kapitlu all employee funds and pension companies pay 10%

The evaluated pensioner is currently changing, analysts Scott & Rose and the professional portal Finparda.cz are therefore monitoring the data of the current and updating the best pension funds.

It follows that the first city of the best employee pension funds has been owned by the Conseq pension company since the arrest of this year.

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