M sense pension pension? Urit yes. Beware of the zero guarantee bag or a conservative approach. For those remaining in retirement for ten, twenty, thirty years, he should clearly consider at least the fund, or the same stock, to invest analyst Partners Ale Tma.

This week, the president signed the law, according to which he should not retire later than the age of 65. Is this a step in the right direction?
Urit doesn’t want you to go bus until he is 70 years old. Only in the debate on pension reform do we go back a few years. The tictnk day can be retired at 68, also 65 does not look like a big difference, but if it is until 80, it means a quarter of a long time in retirement. I just get the same high pension as before. The retirement age may be regularly revised, but this will again be politically tightened.

Is there a way out of this?
I would implement the reform of reforms. Any proposal to change the system would have to be accompanied by a detailed but clearly explained modeling of their impact. Each fee should be automatically paid regularly

entry from SSZ. It would contain information on how much he paid, a rough estimate of future income for a given income and the impact of legislative changes over the last year on it. Politicians would then have to supplement pre-election promises with warnings as on cigarette packs. The upper half of the billboard would sound, for example: You pension for all and the lower case in black letters: You or your children pay the same.

Pension experts are often mentioned in politics, but what about a specific plan for officials?
that they should not rely on stt, it is the edge of the song. In addition, I would recommend brt as an investment and health. We have the 4th highest consumption of cigarettes in the EU and we are still experiencing a pension, not a pension. Kukm I would not forbid kouit in the restaurant, but debate about how it will not be on the pension…

The return on investment in health is hard to pay, but how much is a regular party in retirement?
It’s bad about how much you intend to hide in retirement and a lot of other assumptions. But when you hear about it for a while in Excel, find out that the result is usually about 10% of the same income when you start at the age of 30. Whoever fills himself with polka and barn will be able to do the same for me.

Does limiting the growth of the retirement age mean that you need to save me not yet?
I don’t know, we actually asked for an arrest. First, the average locus in III. pili does not reach even 1,000 crowns msn. And on the one hand, the change in law means that pensions from the state have spread differently over time, but their current value has not changed at best. Of course, I can continue to fill the pension from the budget, but this is not a system. The only other alternative is that due to productivity growth, the workforce will be retired, or that robots will take care of us.

Experts often like not to rely on the state, but at the same time appeal to the use of state support, is not a contradiction?
If you offer something, it’s a code not to take it. Who didn’t put you on the negative camp around II. saw, even on his canceled quite nicely issued. In the ordinary world, of course, the market should be distorted as little as possible, and the fact is that a favorable market distorts the market. The Association for the Capital Market has suggested that, for example, the first time apply to the holding of funds. That would at least straighten the thorn in the middle. Different versions of this system work in a number of developed countries, no matter where it is inappropriate, only a temporary selection.

Isn’t it better to secure the purchase of real estate?
This is one of the most common objections to investment. For vit njakm fondm when to buy him a bark. Owning an residence is undoubtedly a foundation. However, when investing in real estate, it is necessary to think about the cost of gossip, first, the finer, etc. In addition, demographics can also affect the value of real estate. When we do it, when we all want to rent from fine apartments, there will be no tenants left.

Transformed funds last year averaged only 0.8%, will yields decline?
This year, it will probably be a bit lower again, as the effect of bonds purchased in the years of high interest rates disappears from the fund’s portfolio. If the low yields on government bonds take a year, it will also hit the guaranteed zero for pension funds. New employee funds did not even have this stay from the past, also last year they were at zero.

So it doesn’t make sense to move from old funds to new ones?
The transition from the Conservative to the Conservative fund is actually a bit out of blunt to loue and I definitely do not recommend it, except for those who want to enforce the so-called advance, for which it is necessary. But to those who remain in retirement for ten, twenty, thirty years, they should clearly consider at least the fund raised, or the same stock. It is a bit ironic that the conservative leaders are linked to this low rate and after those years of existence of investment funds, when markets grew.

Well first, does it pay to grow when stock markets are high?
If someone has stood in retirement honestly for 15 years and is considering a risky, long-term investment in a risky strategy. But those who do not want to be fully all in, I have to choose one of my dynamic funds to be one of them, despite the name of investing. It is thus possible to join you in a funded fund and then set up an equity strategy only for new deposits. With a regular investment, the risk is a little mentally significant.

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