You too are among the thousands of people who advocate the establishment of a new pension insurance contract. Last year, how to make it more attractive. Why shouldn’t you wait and prepare for retirement yourself? As the legislative changes affect the practice, Ale Tma, an investment analyst at Partners, explains.

So far, the biggest market with which the expert pension commission drank is the possibility of negotiating a contract for children. Planning a newborn to retire is a rather strange idea. Perhaps only a suitable combination with a permanent contribution to the plot in Olany is missing. Then the next generation will be secured from the cradle to the grave.

The Association of Pension Societies seeks to promote the possibility of a large-scale selection. It again denied the whole product a bit. If you want to save for a short period of time, use a building society, and it will not be about state support if the six-year horizon is met. If you have an investment horizon and are willing to tolerate some risk, you can invest in investment funds, which also have a lot of liquidity.

Security is not free

Of interest is the type of right outside the main element. Although it is not yet clear how it will change, the only need for motivators to motivate them is quite a year of agreement.

The question is how much resistance to a product that does not offer a guarantee. The first is at least as important as the main contribution. Just remember the wave of pension benefits closed at the last moment before the end of 2012. I would like to save somewhere for a long time, when no one will guarantee me how much I will have there, I know the argument.

There is no guarantee of anything. In the old pension, the manager works for an undeniable appreciation. As is well known, this leads to pensions being parked in low-value government bonds.

Some dealers offer a warranty as an additional service. But you still won’t get high profits without risk. In the case of esk spoitelna, for example, the guarantee applies to a conservative or funded fund; at least years before the end of the contract, the pension must be conservative.

The consensus company also offers the possibility of an agreed guarantee for its dynamic fund, for a fee, a percentage of each deposit. Of course, the guarantee only applies to inserted contributions. In certain cases, the shield may increase, but in principle, a specific evaluation cannot be guaranteed.

Sla regular investment

For a long enough horizon, the guarantee is a psychological crutch. By far, we regularly invest. It sounds like an argument, but no one has come up with anything better anyway.

He had an extreme example: How much would someone who started joining American actions make just before the collapse of the Internet bubble and continued the whole lost decade of bubbles and crises and until 2010, when shares (with the reinvestment of reinvested dividends) caught up again in 2000?

After deducting the fees corresponding to the investment funds, the average annual appreciation of each dollar invested would be slightly below the percentage. It looks weak, but the fact that this is the time of the two biggest crises in the last few weeks is not bad! (It had a more accurate appreciation, which is needed in the dollar. But nentonefr sharply sent the koruna as after the year 2000 will hardly be repeated, in addition, pension funds can eliminate my risk by hedging.)

Debate in a circle

No one, not even representatives of pension companies, claim that you should combine all free pensions exclusively into pension funds. But in short, it is good to diversify.

The home is actually a deposit, but as soon as you pay the mortgage, you will need a pension for barrier-free reconstruction in view of the progress made. Business vs me will ensure better than no connection, but no cadmium is required. Children are a very good investment, but even that is not risk-free. What about you, honey? When we go bankrupt, gold can be confiscated as easily as pension bonds.

In short, and the press release will be a natural part of the portfolio of the pension fund for each future pensioner, the expert pension commission will be able to close with confidence. This will be the biggest rush in the last 10 years of the same debates.

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