The work in the band, which is just trying to become famous, is definitely not decided by Jan Krofta.

The band Atari Terror, in which they play the drum, won a talent in the competition last year. None of us fed this game, we wouldn’t make money yet. But if he managed to become famous, I would definitely not bother, he stopped giving the guide and devoted himself fully to the edges.

Clem vtiny bands is natoit record. What’s up?
The most important thing is to write and fold the songbook. This creative exchange is the most fun for me. Let’s all meet in the rehearsal room and discuss what each of us brought. Nejvc npad pinej guitarists. They can think of melodies and have an idea of ​​how they could complement others. Such a first case is gradually pasted, and a finished song turns out of it.

Don’t take me to the studio
If the band wants to release a record, they have to make about twelve songs. It will take them a year of testing, and we will meet regularly twice a week. If necessary, he also describes. But the drum must try sm. Drums are not exactly a suitable tool for training at home, although there are special system of reins with membranes that do not make a sound. But it is never true. So I often go to the rehearsal room even sm. I never stay there for more than two hours.

When the songs are finished, a definitive note will be created for each instrument. The group then has to rent a recording studio. Renting a studio is not cheap at all, so we must always be ready to shoot as soon as possible. There u nen as for experiments.

When the instrument records its song, it is separated separately. I’m usually seven in the studio and I’m playing it all, I’m listening to the whole song from my headphones to get my bearings. Don’t give up all the members of the band in the studio, it will be thirteen days.

Without a producer, there is freedom
Then pichz on a series of horses compiled songs. All music tracks that have been recorded separately are merged and edited. In this, members of the band have a decisive say. We determine what we want and make sure that the song finally looks according to our ideas. The fact that we do not have a professional producer who would link to us has two freedoms in decision-making.

He does not load songs but does not work for the band
It is also necessary to provide board pressing, promotion and distribution. The whole process of releasing a CD costs about two hundred thousand crowns, we had to take it back, incl. He explains all the income, which we now return to installments and direct payments.

The unforgettable work of the drummer and the band is thus performed at concerts. Bn now we perform tikrt tyikrt to msce, depending on how the performance can be arranged. More is a matter of course in the summer, when under many music festivals. We must also arrange the preparation of the performances technically – at least bring the tools and the necessary props. Because as the only mm car, this duty falls on m, laughs Jan Krofta.

The notorious band is not to play high. A group similar to us will receive around 5,000 crowns for the concert, just a little more.

It is not always easy to combine working with a band
I sometimes even have to choose a holiday so that I can go to a concert with the band. We all take the bag so that our band breaks through and we can make a living from the music to the fullest. We’re just not a student band at the kiln, concludes Jan Krofta.

How the drum works

Working day: In the morning he works as a leader, in the evening he devotes himself to the band, rehearsals or joint rehearsals, he gives concerts on weekends.

Satisfaction with income: Everything I make, two back to the band.

From vzdlvn: Play drums, play songs from other plays.

Relaxation: The best rest is a flight to the market, a picnic.

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