The bank of the year is Raiffeisenbank. General Director Lubor Alman answered the questions about its further development.

You are officially Raiffeisenbank, in the advertisements of Raiffka. Is it a sign of a “populous” bank?

Our bank will be what clients want it to be. And because they started the executioner and we are red, so they desire, we also adapted the commercials.

What does your logo represent?

The two glazed head, the so-called Giebelkreuz, decorated for centuries in these buildings in Europe, is a symbol of the protection of families gathered under a common roof.

In which are you exempt?

I want the people who work for us to think that I work in a private company. In order for them to be aware that behind every crown from the salary they take home, there is a specific client who gave it to them and decided between them and the competition.

Clients do not pay fees, on the contrary, they receive pensions. Don’t lose it?

We pay a bonus to every client who meets the loyalty conditions. The bank is on the line because we return a profit to clients who use us a lot. At the same time, however, we will offer them the opportunity to support charitable projects with these pensions.

We have been paying clients for the management since the meeting from. Sales of new eKont have doubled since then.

Are you considering the introduction of an ATM in which cash can be deposited?

No, I was so sorry about this thing in R that it would not pay off.

You have indicated that you will be writing to the applicant. m on the contrary clients pilkte?

Now people have the opportunity to enter the internet via the Internet and go according to the same. He gave significant value to quality consulting.

Are you planning any news?

We will develop branch branches according to it. In addition, we will gradually grow the branches into a new design, which will be very attractive to clients. The closest novelty in the products area will be the loyalty program for credit cards and eKonto also for entrepreneurs.

Is it anything you are not satisfied with at your bank yet?

You can always do more for clients, you can always do interesting things for your people and you can always do these things with them. And I’ll be happy, so I’ll be dead!

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