For now, arranging an old-age pension is a bit of a special situation for me. The word old itself sounds strange to me. My career has been quite difficult. That could complicate my enough about paying for a retirement pension. That’s why I didn’t leave any coincidences and got interested in retirement things in advance.

Years ago, I booked to the client center of the Czech Social Security Administration to get an orienteering calculation of how high I would receive a full pension. I didn’t march then, because I had more than five years left to retire. Instead, I received a key document, the so-called informative personal income insurance letter (IOLDP), which showed that the documentation of errors had been binding for several years.

One of my previous employers did not fulfill its obligation. At first the security of the social security did not send, among other things, a record sheet. Natst company still works and without the need to send me enough michybjc registration list immediately. In the overview of years worked, the bag was also another city from the time when I lived as a screenwriter and freelance artist. I didn’t throw away the documents that I paid the levies at the time. And he was also tracked by the employees of the district administration of social security.

With the entry of times connected to the consultation

You only have one month left for your pension, and in your hand a new view of the times is connected with the sealed white towns. Proof that I gained a total of 44 years and 101 days of insurance during my working life. I ask for a consultation to find out what I have to do in the next few days to make my retirement run smoothly. Take a hand with the head of the client center and give me an ID order to verify that I really did it. Then we go through the data together.

You can apply for the retirement no earlier than three months before reaching the retirement age, more precisely on the required day of the retirement date, the expert explains to me in the client center and calculates for retirement that there is actually one month left for the retirement age. He tells me that he really has a total of 44 years, the remaining 101 days will not play her part. They have been entering the complex for years, not for days. Is it worth it enough to put it off? ptm se. The postponement of the date of granting the pension pays off, for example, in a situation where the acquisition of the next year is only a few days left, the expert responds. Mm clear then. I will retire in March 2019.

I need to find all the necessary documents

Writing enough is quite nron. Take the piblin with the hour to the head of the client center and find out the addresses of the Prague workplaces, where I can order in advance and via the Internet. Add a list of necessary documents. It is quite long, only the citizen will definitely not stand. I have a certified copy of my birth certificate with a single branch at birth, I found a diploma from university in a blanket, where he will probably have a graduation certificate, km in his mind.

How long will it take for me not to decide on a pension? ptm se. The deadline is 90 days, usually the bag is quite two. Wrong about whether all documents are in the records. But on average, spend 50 days, experts say, and add that I will not lose my pension, I will get it back.

For retirement, go to the silent dumb, let her send her to the bank. Can you just report my bank account here? As I find out, it doesn’t happen. Moreover, it is also bad whether I am the owner here or the manager of my husband. In addition, I learn that the first regulations do not allow the pension to be paid to a number of descendants, siblings, species and registered partners. Anyway, I will have to go to my bank and apply for a stamp confirming that I own. I learn that the document gave me a note, which is related to the fact that the pension is always filled in advance. In the event of death, the Czech Social Security Administration will take the pre-paid pension back from the bank back, because the dead man was not entitled to it.

Orientan surprised the retirement

So it pedbn spotme. Are you curious? suggests experts. In heads mm your own estimate. Will my pension be you or nothing much? b my head. The number is quite complicated, but the clever calculator esk first social security secured swine. All incomes from 1986 to the present will be included in the pension, according to the expert. We do not have to go to the last record sheet with the income for the year 2018, but when we enter the same income into the calculator as for the year 2017, the calculation of benefits is an approximate calculation.

Vypotan cifra m surprised. It’s quite a sunny retreat, km out loud. My own estimate did not work out, I expected three thousand crowns from me. And so I will not be poor pensioners. Nice to see. The fact that I had above-average incomes in the Uritch years played a role, and at a time when I didn’t have to pay retirement contributions as an artist, I paid for them. Good decision that paid off. A similar pension in the dog I join will be taken by about 188 thousand people.

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