After almost two years in a row, she started producing and selling raw macaroons. The company, less than eight months old, its little desserts made of lemon, goji, mku or unwashed cocoa, have become popular in cafes, fitness centers and at festivals.

Alexandra Flaarov u from childhood loves sweet. As she herself, her dream was to be ice cream. Her grandmother brought her to the cake, she had the first recipes from her and she taught her how to prepare sweets. As time went on, Alex baked hell for the whole family and had cakes, bikes, buns and trials in the family and at the ptel spch. She studied finance, after the round she started working as an economist and cukraina was just her end and promise. After eight years in the invoicing department, she left a city in a solid company.

You left a short job and were in a line of work for two years. Didn’t it depress vs?
He helped me a lot. After about a quarter of a year, I stopped by the business course. There we compiled a full business, some of which were fictitious, but specifically specific, about macaroons. In what I would give, I was clear, it was just about the form and how to do the business. Last year, I decided to start production and I was convinced that I would produce and sell it within a year.

First and not. I got some rent for a factory in Ostrava and it was unreal. Then our husband and I thought that it would be possible to build an establishment in our house, in the place of a car. Thanks to the course, I got in touch with a building designer, came to the house and was in favor. It was not easy, it was only 13 meters tverench, also to design the factory so that it would fit in what was for you, and go to meet all the standards and requirements and hygiene regulations, was quite an eye.

What was in this phase? Construction, finance, recipes for macaroons?
I guess so. I really don’t want to slander anyone, but it all took a long time. I am a cover of perhaps all the series that exist in connection with the business and the construction of the establishment, and I obtained so much information that it would remove someone else and the business would give up to go before the arrest.

All my disputes fell on the construction of the factory and equipped with a table of about two hundred thousand. Thanks to the records for a number of jobs, I was able to apply for a grant to start a business, I got here and it was definitely a big help.

Your company is called AF-R. Under this name, I would like to imagine that you will sell amulets of black ammans.
See, I didn’t think of that. But you didn’t drink, there was a kurr here and when he saw the company sign, he thought I was running a cadence. It’s simple. And like Alexandra, F like Flaarov, R like raw desserts.

While studying middle and high school, you were on a brigd in one fast food chain, you also fried for eight years and probably ate probably not the healthiest burgers. It is quite far to healthy macrons. How did it even occur to make raw macaroons?
You’re right, I ate burgers quite often. Not when I had them at a discount (smch). As for raw macaroons, I would say that it was the fate of the meeting and love at first sight. I had a healthy sweat and became interested in raw food. I bought a British cook, and when I saw a photo of raw macaroons, I thought it was a great business tip. They appealed to me because they were made from healthy ingredients, and I also thought that they could also be used to make candy boxes, also an original original drake. But it is true that when I first tried them exactly according to the recipe, I was disappointed.

They were sweet. So I took a lot of sweeteners and they were a lot better. I tried to combine different types of meshes or add other types, you mk. It’s not just about the taste, it’s also about the fact that different types of eyes are different tons and the sms can’t be too loose for macaroons to be shaped. I tried and tested, today I make seven kinds of raw macaroons.

How did you test?
Macaroons had to be tasted by everyone from the family, everyone and friends. It was padest to padest, who liked it, who didn’t. I also wanted to hear it negatively so that I could paste the recipes. If everyone had told me it was great, it wouldn’t help me. The husband was very supportive, he was a boss from the macaroons at the time of the arrest, as well as j. We saw that it is new, it is original and it has the potential.

Do you remember when and where you sold your first macaroon?
As soon as I started a business, last November. It was Kafekrmek erstv Boby in Ostrava, to this day it is a regular customer.

Sell ​​online, at farm markets, supply macaroons with coffee. What is the best from a business point of view? And where to go first?
They are currently under the best farm markets. I didn’t know at all that this was a suitable way for macaroons. But I tried it and it works great. What I make, I sell on the market, in addition to the fact that the people taste it, so come back and order on our website. Caverns, bistros and health outlets are just a supplement, and selling is definitely the most effective. Dodvm in Ostrava and surroundings, but I want to spread long. My friends will open a new café in Olomouc, I will prepare a tasting and macaroons will be a small assortment.

How many macaroons do you have to make msn to make a living?
When I started, I sold 150 msn macaroons, today I’m on the pot about 600, 700 pieces. I will not pay my daily salary, but I will cover all operating costs, which I think after eight months of business is in a hurry. But I would also like to invest in business. I need to buy a sales stall, our existing stall means one table and two seats, and when we sell at markets or festivals and start over, we get wet and macaroons. I realized that the regular number of current sales would be 1,333.

That’s double the bottom. When did I see all the run work, don’t you hire employees?
With this idea u potkm. There are two ways: either to employ someone or to make production more efficient. The establishment is small, it is approved for one person, in addition, it has its own bathroom. I will use what we have in the house, but a potential employee could not, according to hygienic regulations. Mon could sell the city at markets and events, that’s one way. And the kind: manel, among others, is an innovator, he invented small tweaks for production, and he thinks that a press could be made to measure, in which macaroons could be formed.

You were bronze in T-Mobile Rozjezdy. What does this mean for vs?
For the first time in my life, I competed for myself, I appreciated the great joy and it kicked me unbelievably. The jury was evaluated as soon as possible. I also met a number of interesting inspirational people and the participation in the competition was also a great promo company.

Today, Kurr brought me the book How to Do Business and Don’t Go Crazy. Do you have a recipe for not going crazy from business?
I felt like I was going crazy if I didn’t leave my employment. When you have fun, you get ahead. I have never had it, today I have it, I have it every day and I keep it. It is necessary, timing is in business. There are days when I make, there are days when I go for tastings, I have to spend at least one day on administration, going to markets and events. But I fulfill myself. Also, if you have a big event, which will be just you for the weekend, then I know that I have to make hundreds of macaroons and five cake. Whether it’s udlm this afternoon or tomorrow night is up to me. There was a mountain and a good time, but I never regretted it. On the contrary, we will break up.

Where do you want to spread?
One day I would like to have my own cafe with raw desserts. And vm, e will. I see it in five years. I don’t know where, you often think that it would be ideal in this city, but you are not in a hurry. Mon I will finally open it with us in Petvald.

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