For the first nine months, Czech banks provided 15 percent more mortgages than for the same period last year. Last year, the mortgage was really extraordinary. The question is where the mortgage market got to after the last boom and what to expect in the future.

You asked, e.g. on whether it is appropriate to go today to draw from a building society, when there is a large number of mortgage products on the market. For Hypoten banka did not react to the decision of the NB to reduce the base years of rates? For banks at the end of the fixation, they offer the mountain client a year rate, do not offer it to a new client? Is now the right time for erpn mortgages?

OTZKA: Is it at all times of the day to go with a drawdown from a building society, when banks offer so many mortgages?
ANSWERS: Today, building societies really offer housing comparable to mortgages. If you are deciding whether to take out a mortgage or a building society, then I recommend contacting mortgage brokers, who will offer you suitable products and find out what is specifically suitable for yours. Unfortunately, I don’t know you or your possibilities. In general, building societies provide loans for minor renovations without collateral. If it is part of the construction spot, it is suitable without the use of hell.

OTZKA: We are fulfilling a 100% mortgage for the construction of a house on kl. We own the land. We are not sure whether to take out a mortgage to go this year, or whether it pays to wait until the spring of the same year due to the annual rates and conditions provided by the mortgage.
ANSWERS: Even experts can accurately estimate the development of annual rates even in experts. Personally, it is assumed that the years of spring rates will be about the same as today. As for the condition, many banks have implemented it in connection with the global financial crisis and require strictly according to the client’s own funds for investment. Dal zpsnn t neoekvm. Ovem sweat, Hypoten banka provides mortgages up to 100% and will continue to do so. In the case of a mortgage for construction, I would focus on the construction schedule in connection with the coming winter period. If you take out a mortgage today, take it out and give the funds you will draw and in the spring, then your mortgage will go through the years paid from the exhausted outflow. It is possible that during the erpn period the bank will pay only years and after the completion of the loan it will meet the principal.

OTZKA: Is it that when the NB lowers the year, Hypoten banka will continue its continuous growth for years?
ANSWERS: You are right that our bank did not react to the NB’s decision to reduce the base years of rates. We keep the current rates and bloom. Urit is not the only one.

OTZKA: Please note the rate fixation for the entire period of the year (eg 23 years), regardless of the possibility of making extraordinary installments. Is the lep of the fixation times or parts of the future development of rates? How is the development of rates expected in view of the possible transition to the EUR?
ANSWERS: By switching to the EURO, our koruna rates should be approximated by the EURO rates (which are the same today). If you are sure, choose fixation as long as possible, if you are the one who wants to speculate and risk your rate (but so you can save rates), choose fixation times.

OTZKA: What do you think about the real estate market in general – will real estate prices stagnate or fall? I think that the banks have tightened their rules for mortgages and so all the people will reach for their property.
ANSWERS: At present, we can expect real estate prices to stagnate, with a slight decline in some localities. I do not think that the bag should in the foreseeable future fall in real estate prices. On behalf of Hypoten banka, I can confirm that we have not written the general rules for the provision of the bank. We still offer the full range of products and services (ie we did not limit our product offer). Of course, many years of rates, which are generally on the market today, may be the reason that some potential clients will not get a mortgage. When we take the bag into account, in the past (eg 3 years ago) the years were extremely low rates, this is not unusual.

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