There are already two credit cards on the market, which offer your holder a bonus for payment in the form of a contribution to the supplementary pension. One good thing, if you shop in the convenience stores, the other one will have a better period and offer a bonus without a link to a specific store. We will help you with the harvest.

Interest in credit cards is still growing and banks are aware of this at the time. That is why, in the context of competitive struggle, various additional services are available that are credited to each other. The latest innovation is the operation of a credit card with contributions to the pension supplement. With such an offer, two UniCredit Bank companies in cooperation with AXA and GE Money Multiservis (according to Multiservis only) in cooperation with ING Penzijní fond have recently been sawing.

Track bonus 0.3 and 7%
When paying with a credit card from UniCredit Bank, you will receive a supplementary contribution of 0.3% of the purchase from each route made with this card to the pension. In addition, you can collect bonuses for purchases in specific stores, according to which you contribute to your pension. For the card from Multiservis, the departure from each purchase to the pension adds 1%.

Pension contributions from UniCredit Bank credit:

Benzina 50 hal z kadho naerpanho litru
Plus Discount 3% z kadho nkupu nad 300 korun
Schlecker 3% z kadho nkupu
Datart 3% of each purchase
Bontonland 5% z kadho nkupu
Eximtours 4% of the last minute price or 8% of the catalog of the exit price
Kanzelsberger 7% of each purchase

Zdroj: AXA

It is evident that the holder of the UniCredit Bank card, which is listed in the table in the vicinity of the store (or is used to shopping in these stores), has a clear upper edge compared to the holder of the GE Money Multiservis credit card. In order to be able to imagine how many specific “users” you will receive from the purchase of a paid credit card from UniCredit Bank in the following stores, we will offer you an example of:

Shop from AXA ClubRon tries pension for pension connection
Plus 30 000 K 990 K
Kanzelsberger 2 000 K 146 K
Eximtours 50 000 K 4 150 K
Gas 792 liters 467 K
Schlecker 10 000 K 330 K
Datart 40 000 K 1 320 K
Etiquette 10 000 K 530 K
Total 166 000 K 7 933 K

Note: pension payments are required with a bonus of 0.3% on each purchase.

The example is, of course, fictitious (basically dead) and depicts the tracks of a hunter who buys in the stores really often. According to our example, an average of 5% of the amount spent would be added to the pension supplement, which is an interesting amount.

In fact, there are probably a lot of convenience stores small and small for frequent buyers (for example, in Bontonland and Kanzelsberger, probably do not leave large volumes of pensions).
The Datart store also has a 3% bonus away from you, but on the other hand, spend a lot of money if you bought the city online, where the prices are a few percent lower than in the classic business.

If you buy a card from Multiservis ron for the same contact as in our model deposit (166,000 crowns), you will get a supplement of 1,660 crowns for the pension. It is significantly less in the case of the type of card, but again without a limited city purchase.

The advantage of a contribution to a pension supplement from the purchase of a credit card is the inclusion of the item in your own pension supplement. The amount you earn due to both quarters is thus added to the amount that the member himself can calculate, and you may be able to achieve a small amount of the amount. Get the maximum at msn loce 500 crowns.

Uette if you shop a lot
1% of any purchase paid with an ING PF card goes to a pension supplement. To issue a credit card, the customer must have agreed at least one credit fee. Bezron period is quite good and in 50 days. When the loan is outstanding, the annual rate is 23.76%. The first year the operation of the card is free. If you do not buy for 38,000 crowns next year, the operation of the card costs 299 crowns.
You will pay more with this credit card, which will help you to retire. With a credit card from UniCredit Bank, you must spend CZK 35,000 to keep this credit card free for one year.

These are not days of credit among the credit cards on the market
So far, we have only compared the cards only as part of the contribution to the pension supplement, but this is certainly not a complicated function of a credit card, which should be the same for us. How do you stand against CREDIT cards?

Credit card Bezron obdob Poet% na spoen Card operation after the 1st year years rate
AXA/UniCredit Bank 45 dn 0.3% + AXA Club 360 K 23,40 %
ING/GE Money 50 dn 1% 299 K 23,76 %

It is evident that the Unicredit Bank card has a short period of time. On the market today, you will encounter not only a fifteen-day period as in the case of the card from Multiservis, but even a fifteen-day period (Citibank credit card).

As for the price of a credit card after a similar period, it is possible that you can get rid of both cards if you buy the card for a large enough amount. In the case of UniCredit Bank for 35,000 crowns, in the case of Multiservis for 38,000 crowns. Not a single amount is high, and if the hunter is a little used to paying with a credit card, I forget the ron fee listed in the table.

Choose a card according to your needs
If you want to have a good payment card with a relatively long, unlimited period and low costs, which will help you save “some crown for retirement”, it is a good choice for your card from Multiservis.

If the offer of suitable stores for UniCredit Bank cards is suitable for you and you know that you can spend more than one pension in the course of the year, then this card will be suitable for you.

If you do not care about all the contributions to the pension at all and you want to have the best possible credit card, then you will forget about both cards, which we will compare in this article, and look for quite another offer. For example, after a change in the Citibank credit card, if you fit into the good period, if not, it is one of the most expensive credit cards on the market.

If you are an AXA or ING insurance client and have their payment card, the option to save for retirement during the purchase is a nice bonus. But it is definitely not worth negotiating a new payment card for this.

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