Divorce statistics clearly show the foresight of marriage contracts, which clearly dampen the negative effects of divorce. Entrepreneurs and people with highly disparate incomes should consider them in particular. In addition, the cost of creating a contract pays off several thousand.

Regardless of their willingness to enter into a marriage contract, both partners must declare in unison that they have settled the rights of their future property relations, massive families, etc. after concluding the marriage. Such a statement becomes quite written about the conclusion of the marriage. In addition to the existing personal property of both spouses, a joint name will be added to the closed unit (before 1998 the direct co-ownership of the spouses).

What you had before closing the lock will remain yours alone
The joint name itself is made up of movable and immovable property acquired by one of the members or both jointly during the term of the marriage, with the following exceptions:

Property owned by one of the manlains owned before the marriage took place.
Assets issued in the framework of restituc or acquired by ddictvm and as a gift.
More than one of the spouses and the property acquired by one of the spouses for the personal needs or performance of the property may be allowed to belong to his or her own property.

Attention, this should be left to the entrepreneur, or their wife or husband. The common name of a spouse includes bundles that were formed during one of the spouses or both. Thus, for example, bundles from the loan of one of the manels, thanks to the joint name of manel, bear on their shoulders and partner.

The contract is a good helper for entrepreneurs and in marriages with unequal incomes
The first problems in the division of property in marriages, where one of the partners achieved high incomes and the type of small ones, and vice versa in marriages, where one of the partners incurred debts, led to the creation of marriage contracts. The scope of the common name of the manel can be not only established by contract, but even in the event of a consensus between the two maneles.

The contract itself is usually prepared by the first and it is always necessary to prepare it in the form of a notation. The actual content of the contract is limited only by the fact that it must not be in conflict with the family law and several other applicable regulations. This contractual freedom is based on the uniqueness of each union, respectively their property relations and income. On the other hand, it is not possible to achieve the opposite extreme – that is, to achieve the full abolition of the common name of the husband. In the case of a once concluded pedaling contract, it is not a problem to cancel or modify it. For this step, the agreement of both manles is again necessary.

The property contract can be recommended primarily to entrepreneurs and members of statutory bodies. They should be left with those who are unrestricted with all their assets are self-employed, associations of public companies, partnerships of limited partnerships and thus members of the statutory bodies of companies. They share all their personal and shared property, and in their case it is definitely worth thinking about the true common name of the husband.

The second key group is manelstv, where on the one hand one of the manel pin to manelstv is a large property (although it does not fall into SJM, but it is appropriate for the first certainty to define this property in the contract) and the type is movitch ratio from me. And then, of course, the contracts can be ground by the mangeries, where the incomes of both husbands are different and in the future they will probably be different.

Pay a few thousand for the contract. It is valid with the locker closed
As it was written in it, it is necessary to prepare the contract in the form of a notation. The related remuneration is related to nm by the decree on remuneration of notes. In these rewards will be in the breath of several thousand. It may seem like a lot, but in the context of the cost of a divorce, it is a negligible pension.

The property contract is usually concluded before the wedding. The end of the TV may or may not occur to me. If the book does not occur, then, of course, the contractual relationship does not take effect. If so, then from the moment of the wedding, there will also be a common name manel.

Divorce statistics bohuel speaks for pedmanelsk contracts. More than half of the marriages break up in our country and in this context contracts of this type are justified. The necessary equipment should be provided primarily by entrepreneurs and only statutory bodies.

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