Spltkov společnost Cetelem offers consumers the purchase of new and used cars and motorcycles.

It is intended for both companies and citizens of the age of 18-65 years with a regular income. The number of cars at the moment of construction must not exceed 12 years (for motorcycles 10 years) and at the same time at the time of the expected maturity of the year it must not be 15 years old. You can drink 25 thousand and 1 mil. K, the length of fulfillment is optionally in the range of 12 and 84 msc (motorcycles max. 72 msc).

In addition, clients will receive an additional Aura credit card with a limit of 20,000 CZK as part of a special event in the vicinity of the introduction of the new Dacia Logan model. crowns and with zero year after 6 msc from its receipt. Zero year applies to the purchase of fuel and reimbursable debts in the car showroom where the vehicle was purchased. The APR of the favorable level is set at 6.85%.

– free of charge for confession and first
– no need to secure
– the conclusion of accident insurance for the purchased vehicle is obligatory and from the value of 300 thousand. K
– zero pm payment (with 80%, standard reaches 10 – 90%)

– special offer is intended only for clients who buy any car of the Dacia Logan brand, in the period from 15.2. to 15.5.2007
– in vr over 50 thousand crowns me bt vydn OP a signature of the partner adatele
– in insurance premiums for combined insurance against long-term incapacity for work, permanent disability, death and loss of employment in 6.99% of the installment; In addition, insurance against loss of employment can only be arranged up to 60 years of age of the applicant

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