Most domestic banks have a wide range of products and services in their offer, their parameters are often known. We therefore chose the best products and looked among them to avoid them.

GE Money Bank will not value disputes on savings
At present, among many the fastest are many banking services savings. However, their parameters do not change in general, the competition will take place practically exclusively in the field of annual rates. Bawag Bank, Citibank, esk spoitelna, eBanka, GE Money Bank, ING Bank, mBank and Potovn spoitelna offer those those where the client has his / her deposit freely available at any time.

The gross deposits in all of these banks are above 3%, usually at the lowest deposits. But there are exceptions among them, e.g. June account Potovn spoitelny will provide you with a 3% deposit and from 50 thousand crowns, eBanka with its eKonto even from 100 thousand crowns.

On the other hand, only up to CZK 49,999 does the client increase the disputes by 3.5% ron spoic fully from Personal to esk spoitelny. Only very active clients will appreciate this. With a suitable year of deposit, for which you pay 159 crowns per month, you can also get e.g. free domestic cashless payment system outside the S, it is possible to choose the place of the payment card standard gold.

With regard to roen spoicch t, ​​GE Money Bank is the leading bank among banks. Its share of the best sewers (ie deposits up to 49,999 K) appreciates only 0.75% pa, the deposit of 1 million K goes an extra percentage (ie 1.75% pa) On the contrary, the best return is possible to get at mBank and Bawag Bank, in both cases 3.5% regardless of the deposit. The same evaluation will be offered by the S, but only up to 50 thousand crowns.


year from (in% pa)

Bawag Bank6,9/13,9
Potovn spoitelna12
UniCredit Bank12
esk spoitelna15,9
Komern bank16
GE Money17,9


The first overdraft is offered by GE Money Bank and thus Raiffeisenbank
The overdraft was not allowed here, as it was given by a very diverse banking service, providing the client with a financial reserve for each case. It cannot be judged completely independently, it is always necessary to take into account the conditions and especially the price of the common one to which it is based. Most banks offer this short-term directly as a part of a package of services and it is probably not only the overdraft parameters that are the main selection criteria.

So how to distinguish between individual overdrafts from the offer of domestic banks? The best guideline is the years rate. The impact of GE Money Bank and Raiffeisenbank is not significant in this respect. The clients of both banks have a year of 17.9% pa, followed immediately by Volksbank with a year of 16.25% pa On the contrary, it is best to ask Bawag Bank, if you offer the bank an overdraft. Then you reach 6.9% ron per year.


Pjky spotebitelsk neelov

RPSN from First charge (msn in K) zskn vru (v K)Popl. for pedasn spltky
esk spoitelna 9,51490.8%, min. 4004 %
eBanka/RB9,53**80free of charge4 %
Citibank9,84491 %free of charge
Volksbank11,38501%, min. 500individuln
GE Money11,47401%, min. 5005%, min. 1000 K
Bawag Bank11,77501%free of charge
UNDER12,0330/601%, min. 5001%, min. 1000 K
UniCredit Bank


501%, min. 500free of charge
Komern bank14,9*free of chargefree of chargefree of charge
Potovn spoitelna 15,89391 %, min. 300, max. 3500 + 50 K200 K
/ free

Explanations: Fee for early installment – determined as% of extraordinary installment of walls / fully paid
RB = Raiffeisenbank
Note: * Perfect KB loan
** These are Raiffeisenbank loans

The most expensive consumer will probably be obtained from Potovn spoitelny
The conditions under which banks provide consumer meals are usually individual. Therefore, whether the client receives the first year (for his / her first year) and under what specific conditions, the case falls from the case. In our comparison, therefore, banks use rates at their minimum limit.

An important value criterion in the year is the APR (ie the annual percentage rate of cost = a percentage of the debt, which the consumer must pay for a period of one year in connection with installments, administration and other expenses associated with the erpnm vru), so this data was chosen. for our comparison. According to the APR, Potovn spoitelna is the first to be the most expensive, followed by Komern banka and UniCredit Bank, and the years in their offer are attacking the 15% limit (Potovn spoitelna even beats it).

This part does not guarantee that the first case in a certain and very concrete case will not turn out to be different. Find out the exact conditions of your account and after the bank assesses your ability to repay the required amount (ie creditworthiness, installment history, current bonds in other banks, etc.).

Bezron obdob
in days
Transactions included in the bezronm periodPopl. for vbr 5,000 K with ATM
(in K)
BAWAG Bank18,4850cashless25
Citibank26,4055cash and non-cash175
UNDER19,2045cash and non-cash56
GIVE19,80 – 21,4850cashless9
UniCredit Bank18,96 – 23,8845cashless90
KB18,90 – 21,9045cash and non-cash50
PS19,20 – 21,6045cash and non-cash80
Raiffeisenbank19,98 – 25,0845cashless50


Raiffeisenbank has failed among credit cards, Citibank is on the edge
Credit cards are a suitable alternative and complement to an overdraft, they place relatively high demands on the client’s payment turnover. The greatest advantage of this type of heating is a similar period, but it is usually compensated by exchange or transaction fees (eg for cash withdrawals at ATMs).

For those who “keep their debts under control” and be able to use it for a full period of time, the best credit card is a Citibank credit card. Offer this period without a year – and 55 days. In the case of full-fledged bags, the year is associated with the top drawdown of the first Citibank credit card at all, at 26.4%.

On the other side are Raiffeisenbank credit cards. The years on her credit cards are the highest and no-frills period for non-cash transactions lasting no more than 45 days.

At least one year can be obtained with a Bawag Bank credit card of 18.48% (free period and 50 days for non-cash transactions).

However, in addition to the years under consideration, it is necessary to go to the total cost of a specific card, as well as its price (ie the fee for issuing and issuing the card, the fee for keeping the balance here, entries, etc.). These values ​​vary depending on the type of card and, ultimately, how you use your card.

From the above, it is especially clear that the banks agree on one thing – motivate clients to use credit cards fixed for paying for goods and services. Such transactions are not subject to transaction fees and are always subject to an unparalleled period.

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