I would put my aunt’s free pensions in action, deposit the rest safely in the bank, with Ji Kunert, CEO of UniCredit Bank in the Czech Republic. He has been working in banks since 1976. This year, his activity was praised by a top representative of banks. He was elected Bank of the Year 2008.

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For many years you were in ivnobance, suddenly the character nen was introduced and you represent another. How did you carry the change characters?

The sign is in the store according to incl. The development and globalization of new things and the UniCredit Bank logo is the strongest feature in Central and Eastern Europe. Its building in the Czech Republic is a new challenge and we cannot remember the past.

Bank of the year
2008 Ji Kunert
2007 Pavel Kavnek
2006 Jack Stack
2005 Jack Stack

Work 12 hours a day. Isn’t that too much?

It is a habit. When I need to, I leave two and other times I’m on. I’m in the bank early in the morning, when it’s a lot to talk about, think about and write. All day long there is a need for communication in the management of the bank, with clients and employees.

How did you f?

Listening, but not impatient. Psn, but mm understood. I am result-oriented, but flexible.

How many employees do you have?

number is moving, currently it is 1 648.

Penze a j

What did you do with your first paycheck?

I bought a suit. I am a conservative bank employee and I also consider the suit an honor for the client.

How much suit do you have today?

I mean 15 suits and a lot of leisure bags.

Do you have such “ordinary” financial products as building savings or life insurance?

Mm life insurance. I am an excellent client for the insurance company at all. Mm and a lot of different insurance policies in families.

It looks like you don’t have a financial advisor who would give you insurance in the insurance

I have my bank as every client at our bank. The problem is in me, I can easily see how to cover the risk with insurance. And so I was green the seller of the insurance, or vm how to sell them.

Do you buy financial products at your bank?

I’m buying. But know how it is. Under the light of darkness. I buy, then I don’t watch it, so I km, that my investment is long-term.

If you got a million in cash today, where would you invest it?

With a million, I would look at some stock titles in one tetin. I would keep the rest in deposits with the bank, I would probably choose a term deposit – they are safe and the deposit is quite interesting.

J a lid (svt)

Tdte waste? Home? In the bank?

Yes, now at home and at the bank.

What would you do for Christmas?

Darkness is at Christmas as a holiday of peace. Every hunter gets enough drk, but what I need, I buy during the year. I was pleased with a book, which I will add to the file when I pet it in the future.

How are your dreams when you have time off?

here, I go to the cinema, I go to football and hockey – live and on TV. patn, but rd I play tennis. I’m going to work out and I’m going on vacation to the warm laziness.

Banka a lid

When the business bank found out, a lot of people thought, “It’s not for me, it’s there for business people and for the rich.” Has this changed in any way, when is UniCredit Bank? Which client groups are you targeting?

UniCredit Bank builds on the history of both banks – ivnostensk banka and HVB Bank. Let’s cover 50 percent of the market from the middle up and we also dream of gaining clients who don’t feel rich. We will serve anyone who wants to be our client. We do not have to cover the full spectrum of the market, it limits our branches with.

Are you considering that the bank will have branches and an ATM? By how much vc and for how long?

We are trying to open branches in cities where we assume good application. At present it is Frdek-Mstek and Cheb. Of course, we also have full connections in individual cities. We also want to deal with our ATM through the company operating these devices.

Of course, it is important for us in this context that clients still pay more with payment cards and use cash for me. It’s cheaper for her for the bank.

Let Vry before Christmas. Finann institutions offer them every step of the way. UniCredit doesn’t. How is your policy in the field of vr?

Mortgages and vry for entrepreneurs are especially important for us.

We have consumer products in our portfolio in this way, but our clients do not develop them.

Have you upgraded your pension in connection with the financial crisis? Are you assessing your written clients who are applying for a mortgage?

Our risk concept is set the same. We do not know how to sell a loan at any price, we consistently adhere to our criteria and, as a result, we have no problem with the fact that our clients will not meet their loans. It is therefore not necessary and to change so much.

How do you look at the conditions of the offer, such as a mortgage with a maturity of 40 years, a mortgage without proof of income and the like?

A mortgage for 40 years is a risk or interferes with the period when the mortgagee will not be of working age. And that’s not the time. The philosophy of providing mortgages in Europe is based on the source of fulfillment, so income is understandably important. All the signs of the mortgage crisis in the United States are unacceptable to me. UniCredit provides mortgages up to the client’s age of 65 years.

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