Banks have decided to bury tariffs. Potovn spoitelna will definitely choose its clients with its prices, and esk spoitelna and UniCredit Bank will offer new services. On the contrary, Citibank’s poor clients will dislike the change.

Citibank increased last year’s “most absurd fee”

Probably the most surprised for Citibank clients. As of April 1, this is largely due to the fee for maintaining a multi-currency Citi account. While today its owner will pay 99 crowns for a set of services (including, savings, issuing CitiCard Maestro debit cards, issuing Citibank Classic credit cards and CitiPhone and Citibank Online services), from April it will be CZK 299 for a total of 299 crowns.

It is necessary to add that the prepaid portfolio of Citi account services will be divided into so-called investments and the fee will affect “only” his average balance at all Citibank companies for the exchange of MSC will not exceed 500 thousand crowns. This is self-enhanced, or at this time you do not pay the fee for maintaining a Citi account in the event that the average balance for the loan is 500 thousand crowns, but only on investment here.

Zmny chyst i UniCredit Bank

He gave a bank that has changed its rates for non-business individuals since April is UniCredit Bank. This bag does not directly care for current items, but also expands its portfolio of services with new products.

This is mainly due to the new way of authentication (logging) and authorization (signing) of transactions through the so-called mobile (SMS) security key. Mobile users will be able to use any user of pmho banking services, so that you can simply e.g. in internet banking, choose send wherever. You must first submit the bag and first subscribe to the entire set of these keys. One set of 100 SMS when the user comes to 90 crowns, I go to the SMS and are exhausted. Then the client put the set again under (and subscription), e.g. in the environment of internet banking.

esk spoitelna rozyje portfolio pojitn
He has changed since the regular and rate savings bank. This bag, like UniCredit Bank, only expanded the range of its services. The specific addition added to the insurance ability to meet the consumer and cash return of two dogs. The new can thus be insured in, in which it ranges between 200 and 300 thousand crowns.

The only exception is Potovn spoitelna

Recently, the only exception is only Potovn spoitelna, which has been included in its tariff since 1 January. In addition to cosmetic changes in the texts of selected items, the price for non-business individuals, with the only significant change, the bank also overestimated some items in the price list for entrepreneurs.

Among non-entrepreneurs, the most important ones are those who do not like to keep any documents. If you happen to lose a deposit from Potovn spoitelna and suddenly you need it, do not pay more than 100 crowns for the copy. The original client paid 100 crowns for the copy only if the original entry was not older than 6 months. But if he was old, he paid double – ie 200 crowns.

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