Bartoov started with a weaving mill in one of the foothill cottages. But other generations have grown to textile factories, smack and even engrave the title. Today, the company’s dream shakes its glory and the shine has shone.

For Barton-Dobenny, it is important to work together. It turned out when they helped each other in the textile business at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. They developed into a really rich industrial industry, but at the same time they were also three swordsmen.


The cohesion of the family was also important when, after the rise of the communist power, they drank property and took refuge. Twenty-five years ago, they were spinning. They restituted the road in Novm Mst nad Metuj and darkened two thousand hectares of forest.

Do business in textiles in Brac on the outskirts of Nchoda. It’s not easy, the repairs of memorabilia are running for a long time and business in textiles has changed dramatically before the onset of the financial crisis.

Among other things, he retired and it will be three years since he gave me the property. Is it my concern, my duty or est? I don’t know which word is right right now, laughs for seventy-seven-year-old Joseph Michael Barton Dobenin, born in Canada. He is still debating with his family over full and investment changes, especially about textiles, forests, fields and change. But everyone respect my point here, he is for everyone Mr. Barto, he still owns the softness.

He first came to them on Christmas Eve in 1993. Only one winter week enchanted him with his atmosphere, but he still had to stay for only two years to help his father. In the end, he settled down because he likes the European lifestyle and the seemingly ordinary joy of taking my bike to the surrounding forests or going with a flight.

His father decided to return from Spojench stt, when at the end of the nineties he went to inspect the neglected ruins and forests, which, on the contrary, were in good condition.

In his fifties, Josef Marian Barto-Dobenn ​​exchanged Dallas and a long-term career with an airline for farming on family property. He took his wife Pat with him, they left two daughters in Sttech, and the son joined the family business gradually.

Ve zaaly lnn kanafasy

The arrests of the genus Bag were not modest. Riding in the 18th century were Bartoov peasants in Nzk Srbsk and in rkch. Then, at the end of the 19th century, Josef Barto took advantage of his stepfather’s pension and went to a weaving mill.

At a time in the article on the history of the family in the collection Rodný kraj, Josef eka described the castle of Novomštské zmmu that Josef originally wanted to go to Lodz, Poland, but stayed on the advice of the family and made two cannons in the paternity building. He had orders, so he gradually entered the work with another weaver, about 300 people. In 1842 he bought a fool in Vysok Srbsk. He delivered the cardboard of the Balzar companies to the Jin Morav.

His sons, František and Josef, continued, but they encountered a lack of water for the fool and an uncomfortable color business. In 1865, an unattached fool burned and František suddenly disappeared when he went to Brno with a full boat.

Josef got up and found himself dark without pensions. He passed the bag to Nchod and his wife and children began coloring activities in the Mountain District. The printed blueprints with shower sold for example to Austria, Trska and Salzburg.

In 1870 he won his first burgher in Nchod and three years later he became a member of the local council. In 1899 he was unanimously elected mayor, later he was the district mayor. He and his sons opened a factory in Brac, advocated the construction of the town hall and the public lighting, supported the poor, in 1908 he had an orphanage built, now it was demolished.

In 1912 he was commissioned by Emperor Francis Joseph I to the Lechtice status as a ddin engraving from Dobenna with a ddinm coat of arms. In nm he also had two weaving loops and a spindle. When the titles were abolished in 1918, the family returned to the name Barto and from 1936 the name Barto-Dobenn.

Barto’s sons at the beginning of the 20th century shared a riot at the railway station in Novo Mst nad Metuj, but they soon agreed that it would be only for Josef Bohumil. He hired the famous architect Duan Jurkovie to modernize the building for the family’s accusation. There were two connections, a central heating room and a telephone exchange, before the artists participated in the interior design in the style of Art Nouveau, Art Deca, Cubism and Functionalism.

Fixing softness? A project for ten years for 60 million

During the national first resignation in 1951, most mobile mobility was lost due to confusion, so using it for the internal SD did not benefit him. From 1957, the bag was taken to the first memory and took place in nm. After returning, the old-new owner began to replace the roofs and stabilize the bedrock.

Zmek is a national cultural monument and now we have a really good cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, which supported our projects. We modified the facade in Mselnice and three years ago we started with the right and reinforced terraces in the gardens. In total, it is a ten-year project worth around 60 million crowns, the owner explains.

What is to correct you in memory would be on the long list. Repairs family pay mainly from the input of forestry. Try to put more nvtvnk into the mess. Therefore, in recent years, they have opened a tour of the basement, renovated the kitchen, weddings and hostels in new apartments.

The family did not get back the whole textile factory and dr vn about 70 percent. The company used to have 350 dlnk, due to the crisis the bag had to be released. The owner preferred to get rid of nchodsk pdelny. Now there are about 90 people working in Brac and the joint-stock company Barto – textil is engaged in the production of base fabrics for emery.

Turnover from 2016 amounted to 156 million crowns, of which 95 percent was for export. If profit after tax ended in a loss of 1.8 million, according to the company, according to the company was five percent of turnover and stabilization in the market. This year’s result could be better, but now companies will not help loosen the koruna’s exchange rate.

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