Mortgages are much more affordable than in the past, because banks are really trying to reach as many potential clients as possible. The vision of an easy mortgage should not lead to unknowing debt. This is especially true of the income with them.

There were two mortgage banks

In an effort to acquire new clients, banks have gradually dreamed of money in recent years. It was not only the development of year rates that triggered the mortgage boom.

Once upon a time, banks chose only the most creditworthy beneficiaries and tested them. At double-digit rates, of course, only people with above-average incomes could afford a mortgage, but it is not just the absolute value of the installments. Banks have made a significant contribution by relaxing their once strict rules and improving the parameters provided by For example, the client sometimes paid enough for the vr even when it was rejected. often a life insurance debt was required, mortgages were provided only up to 70% of the mortgage value of the property (which, however, resulted from the then valid law), the problems were caused by the length of time to register the mortgage first in the real estate cadastre. years rates were fixed only for five years and the maturity of not more than twenty years was an exception.

Now the banks pedhnj, who will have a pitalivj mortgage

At present, it is completely different. Banks still check on their clients, but give them a lot of different options to choose from. Mortgages are provided and up to 100% of the mortgage value of the property, you do not have to wait for the registration in the cadastre, but it is often sufficient, if necessary, to submit only a proposal for a deposit. the annual rate can be fixed for one year as well as for fifteen years (sometimes even for the entire maturity period). Fees for a single year have remained high, but within the time of limited marketing events it is possible to get a mortgage even without a fee. When the client enjoys it, I can meet for thirty years (at Hypoten banka and forty) and dream of a dark installment. In connection with the darkness of the bank, extend the debt to which they require the payment of the debt. It is possible to arrange a mortgage several months before buying the property in question.

There is a whole range of other improvements that banks have introduced in recent years. Some of them serve them as marketing tools, but they have meant for clients an increase in the availability and diversity of the use of hypotheses, incl.

Opt vm pomhme s danmi

The hypothetical doshnou i lid s prmrnmi pjmy

Mortgages on average, which currently amount to 1.4 million crowns, can be obtained even by the same applicant, whose same income does not reach even 14 thousand crowns. Manel with one child has a mortgage even when the income of both together is less than twenty thousand crowns. (If you are interested in how much income you have to have to reach a mortgage, ask for the link you will find here.)

Plin optimism na mst

This then gives me the impression that the mortgage is really dark for everyone. This should not be helped by the advertised advertising and the emphasis on the ownership of ownership by banks and developers. If you have lost your mortgage, you should first be responsible for answering the question of whether you can actually afford a mortgage. Beware especially the recipients, their incomes are at the lower limit of what is sufficient for the bank. They get a mortgage, but the installments can be very burdensome for their family budget.

It is necessary to critically evaluate the expected development of income in the coming years and thus deal with their decline in the post-productive age, especially when banks provide a mortgage even if its maturity ends and in the sixth and even seven years long. We should not forget about such theoretically in the weight of the case.

sten me pomoc pojitn

Anyone who faces all the risks can mitigate them to a certain extent with a suitable connection. Banks usually recommend risk insurance, which is cheap, but often covers only the risk of death. Chrn thus left the occupants of the real estate, the common sun and the guarantor. Of the eleven banks we contacted, none require a life insurance contract. Not even in the case of self-applicants.

You can also insure other risks, such as permanent disability, even loss of employment. The insurance is then, of course, expensive. The first bag will be the choice of the right insurance, especially much less than the choice of the mortgage account itself. Each insurance company has its own definition of insurance events, and you need to study the time against which we are and are not actually insured. The very string of it can be summarized as the insurance conditions of the insurance are often full of interest and unexpected surprises.

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