The well-known Sigma company with Neptune’s trident in the emblem was founded in the 19th century by the Sigmund family. Gradually, they built a prosperous company with branches abroad, which was taken away from them by the Nazis and then by the Communists. It is rare for anyone to associate their name with the full cultivation of Lutn in the style of Bao Zln or the development of protection against war gases.

Originally it was just a side job, Ludvk Sigmund, a native of neighboring Tebno, lived in Lutn in the Olomouc region since 1868. Not even that, he laid the foundation of the business dynasty and business, it just works to this day.


Sigmund’s employer was named Tom Vychodil, he built devn pumps for peasants from the area. After his death in 1876 and the departure of his son Matou Vychodil, Ludvk Sigmund became the sole owner of the company, in the book Industriln topografie Olomouc Olomou Tom epa.

When Sigmund was 46 years old, his son Jan joined the company. For the next seven years, young František joined. In 1894 he took over his father’s business, after five years he was earning a new debt. It stood on the northern edge of the area, in which it is still reported by the Sigma Group.

The brothers made wood pumps, but mainly in Moravia and Silesia, they concentrated on well work. They started the company, they were soon to eat in the field. Francis Sigmund became mayor of Lutna. After the First World War, mainly electric pumps were manufactured, in 1922 the trademarks Sigma and Neptune trident were registered, they are in the company logo and to the present, it is added.

Nautilu chrnilo 70 patent

The largest expansion of the company took place in flooded Czechoslovakia. The offer also includes petrol porn sticks, sprayed hop gardens and vineyards, irrigation systems and home waterworks. The best product was considered to be the Nautila submersible pump with 20 domestic and 50 foreign patents. The company is also famous for its generous social policy for the benefit of employees, described by Jan Gerlov and Milan Sekanina in the Lexicon of our economic history.

By the end of 1934, the aunt of the Sigmund generation had the floor, and the estates became est dt of both brothers. Among them is Jan’s son Miroslav Sigmund. Among other things, he fathered the development, production and sale of gas masks and a filter from his father. The Sigmunds began to devote themselves to them in addition to their original business from January 1935.

It was a ready reaction of the family to the demand for modernization of the Czechoslovak army. The Ministry of National Defense has lighted the company’s contractual technical research, design of prototypes and production of an established type of chemical means, p Gerlov and Sekanina.

Fillets are established in France, Yugoslavia and England, where Miroslav Sigmund started a race in Newcastle in 1938 for porn pumps and fire extinguishers. Weapons and ammunition were also made here for the kind of worlds wolves.

Sad end after two years in Nazi custody

The Sigmunds also engaged in the village, they wanted to make a kind of Zln, only then did the Baia empire control it. In 1938, a regular full of Lutna was established. The core, similarly to Zlín, was to form a factory with a debtor’s share, approaching the EPA. At the turn of the village, however, the occupation of Nazi Germany was approaching.

At her meeting, the Sigmunds received valuable drawings from Lutna to England, machine plates and an expert. But Nmcm was about the whole factory. They strived to ensure that the foreign trade of the company gained their intelligence. According to business historians Miroslav Menkov, the pioneers were supposed to infiltrate certain countries through business contacts in the Internet Encyclopedia of the City of Brno.

In November 1940, the then director of the company, Jan Sigmund Jr., ended up in custody. Another 20 managers were hired with it. The accused were of sabotage and cooperation with the resistance, including Gerlov and Sekanin. Jan Sigmund did not give in to the German pressure, the poor death sentence fell in two years. The Nazis executed him for giving an assassination attempt on Heydrich.

It is an example of how the security forces used the first to get rid of the hunter, against which they did not have enough evidence against him for the entire period of detention, Menkov said. The Nazi company was confiscated by these thousands of employees. Messerschmitt planed weapons and fuselages here.

After a long time, he gave enough family work – communist nationality. Sigmundov thus left Czechoslovakia. The English branch escaped the communists and became independent. The production program was taken over by the successors of the companies Sigma Lutn, Sigma Olomouc and others. Miroslav Sigmund shared the lead in Great Britain and until 1959, closed Gerlov and Sekanina.

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