We have compared the offers of ten binders, which in the Czech Republic offer motorists compulsory insurance. The differences between the individual bonding states are known. The difference between the most expensive and the cheapest rate was over two thousand crowns on the new Fabia model.

Direct and esk insurance companies performed best in our mini test, while Wstenrot and Uniqa insurance companies performed best. It must be added that the example has an approximate value. Changing any of the parameters will eventually obscure me.

Zadn pkladu
We have tried to make the wall compulsory for an indefinite period, the prices are always given for 1 year. We insured the Fabia Combi Classic 1.2 code with an output of 47 kW at a price of 295,900 crowns, including VAT produced this year. The year of the owner’s birth is 1979, the ID card has been owned since 1997, he is single and lives in Prague.

the product
Limit plnn:
vcn code /
code on healthy
Direct2 958Component18/35
Direct3 054roses30/60
P3 585Standard20/40
Allianz3 597Component40/40
Triglav3 62450/5050/50
P3 729Bonus Exclusive100/100
Allianz3 813you80/80
Cooperative3 948Standard24/54
General4 000Standard18/35
Cooperative4 056Benefit70/70
General4 160Plus30/60
UNDER4 167Standard24/44
PP4 268Specil More20/40
UNDER4 372Dominant60/60
UNDER4 495Rewarding100/100
Uniqa4 67518/3518/35
PP4 860Super Plus70/70
Uniqa4 86050/6050/60
wstenrot5 040Component18/35
Uniqa5 045100/100100/100
wstenrot5 292Zven70/70

Note Full limits are given in millions of crowns.

The obligatory liability also depends on the marital status
The price depends on some financial conditions and on the factors that relate directly to the driving of the vehicle itself. In this way, all couplers find out where they live. Some also ask about gender, marital status, length of ID card and employment.

Personal data is used mainly to accurately assess the risk. Therefore, clients pay more risk to you. The so-called segmentation (divided the client into groups) is a different way. In one case, therefore, you can get into the risks of the group, while another insurance company does not have to determine what to take into account at all.

(year 2006)


18 – 208 212
21 – 2414 013
25 – 3437 337
35 – 4424 286
45 – 5415 890
55 – 6410 728
> 64 let5 517

Source: MVR statistics

For example, Wstenrot is extremely suitable for women. Here, Fabia can insure him for twenty years from our treasury for 6048 crowns, while for 25 years she can insure him for 4032 K. According to statistics, the combined ride is more careful. The consequences of codes enabled by women are generally less, while the frequency of codes is approximately balanced.

PP again offers a special Sporopov product. Pojitn is intended for people over 35 years of age with permanent residence in a village of up to 10,000 inhabitants with a car for 8 years. Similarly, you can arrange a rural connection with Generali. The preferential tariff is intended for the owner of a car with permanent residence in a municipality of up to 30,000 inhabitants.

According to our statistics, the most safe group of motorists are old experienced people. Women over the age of 55 cause the least traffic accidents. It is also interesting to observe the lower risk of young ranks after the closure of the team compared to the free peers, adds Eva Svobodov from Uniqa pojiovny.

(for the year 2006)


HL. M. PRAHA34 689

Source: MVR statistics

On the other hand, it is important to change the connection after a possible accident of traffic. Insurance companies have been working since 1.1. 2000 with reimy bonus and malus. For each year you do not make a code, you are usually entitled to a 5% discount (bonus). Adjust the combined price in the opposite direction (malus). Most often you take 24 or 36 months from a faultless course, so the discount of at least 10-15 percent disappears.

When you get to zero, the malus is counted, and the price of insurance rises. It is the maximum limit where and in case of an accident I can climb. The approach is connected in this area. We will deal with this issue in more detail in some of the five articles on compulsory liability.

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