Repairing from the old castle, preparing a program for children or helping with the organization of a summer music festival? Even so, you can spend your vacation. The condition is to sign up for a volunteer project.

Sdruen INEX and Duha are in the Czech Republic their biggest intermediaries and offer long-term and short-term workcamps. Most of them are abroad, the largest portion in Europe. Stle is to choose from.

We will offer cities to go in about 40 projects for young people under the age of 18, to go more for older people, the largest of which is in Germany and France, says Eva Hejzlarov from INEX. The representatives of Duha point out that in the camps that are occupied through them, there are places for boys only.

Stays are most often two and a week days for young people aged 16 and 26. In groups of volunteers from all over the world, they work on various, especially ecological, reconstruction and social projects. It is a good idea to get to know other cultures of the host country and other participants. Dalm plus is the possibility of foreign language practice. English is usually spoken because it is the most common language of camping. If
is a bag for all the strongest motive for the improvement of the language, ask how many more volunteers will be there with you and from which countries. Of the twelve people, two of us were from the Czech Republic and the boys from Slovakia, also from the city of English, we often spoke Czech-Slovak, the first part of the camp Veronika from Prague.

You will not get paid

If you want to defend the workcamp, you have to deal with the fact that it is not possible to make money. On the contrary, the fee for a stay is 1800 crowns for INEX, 1500 crowns for Duha, and only 1200 crowns for ISIC, ITIC and EURO card holders. three hundred crowns cost INEX to replace the reserved city with a city in another project. It is necessary to cover with other expenses: for transport, travel insurance and pocket money. There is a free hostel in each case
and catering.

To America, Asia and Europe?

Going for volunteer work with two basics anywhere. To India, Indonesia, Japan, Morocco, Togo and Greenland or Australia, as well as to Argentina, Nepl and Thailand. Many possibilities are more in the west in Europe, but cities can also be found in the former entrance block, such as Estonia, Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia or Moldova. It is possible to choose the old recipients over 18 years of age. The project for young people is me and two are full.

A full camp is working with children to restore memory, improve the environment and organize cultural events. Most often, volunteers help with renovations: they work for you to repair local monuments or to the right of a billionaire center. often do some striker work the road, collect garbage, catch up, describes Eva Hejzlarov. For ast at some workcamps
In my developed countries and countries with high risks, such as Algeria, Argentina, Armenia and Peru, Ghana, Malaysia, Vietnam and the like, he is obliged to complete a weekend in the Czech Republic before leaving.

Weekends are free

Free weekends and a maximum of six hours a day of such work is the regime of volunteer camps. The rest of the time is given to the participants to learn about sports, flights and the like. The boarding house and hostel is simple. Sleeping in tents or rooms in some general building, you house a cultural house. Quite often it is necessary to have a mat, including your own tent. We lived on fae and stayed in the vaen.

We bought the raw materials ourselves, we had a daily limit that we could not exceed. It was nice that we tasted the specialties of Turkish cuisine, first Veronika. I made it available for all the strawberry dumplings, they tasted very good, I was just surprised that the Korean colleagues used them to buy them, adds student Jindra Novkov. Sometimes the dining room is located in the local dining room or restaurant.

The safety of dt is not necessary. Volunteers are insured against the whole duration of the project. The project manager is also going through a special knee, they should also be able to deal with extraordinary situations, says Eva Hejzlarov from INEX.

Do voluntary projects come in a good way to spend the holidays, or do you prefer to pay brigds?

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