At first glance, Martin Fier, a native of Pbram, is an ordinary student. And the fact that in all twenty-one years he owns a company and sponsors culture.

For a few days, an orange-red koili, underneath the shirt and a two-day stubble – the bottom of the finances. Pesto, this 21-year-old student at the University of Economics, is a 100% owner of the financial consulting company Maffin.

How did you get into business?

As a boy, I made web pages, for example for the company Koberce K + K or for the composer Vladimír Wimmer. After an English class at the age of 17, I started living – then I took 150 crowns an hour. And at the age of eighteen, I went for a business letter for consulting in the field of hardware and software.

Why did you get started so early?

I would say that the strongest impulse was the desire for independence, which they led at home. My mother had two colleges (Faculty of Education and Philosophy), my father is a private school, but the model was mainly a child. In 1989, he threw himself into the business – he bought discarded machines, locomotives and wolves, which he sold to foreigners after their restoration. Mli he zjem pedevm rakout vinai a lesnci.

Did you start a business sm or with friends?

Sm, because none of my peers thought similarly to j. I wasn’t associated – I had a lot of friends, but the others studied, had fun. He just wanted to create something, earn something, be independent. Sp I gradually started to employ them.

You were employed for some time before studying at university. How did I like it?

I didn’t get into college, I started working as a Eurotel customer line operator. I made 5 msc there and it was an excellent experience. I understood that I never want to be an employee. I need flexible working hours, be my own, give my personal development and organize work as I want and need.

Did anyone help me with the establishment of the company?

At VE, I worked with a Czech financial consulting company as a connection consultant. There I gathered experience, business contacts and funds to start my own business. I started this year in January with the establishment of the company Maffin. I will process the main vry, especially mortgages, but I did not give up my original field. Next I create a web presentation – recently I have, for example, completed an internet page for a company trading in white electrical engineering or for a video studio.

What does it look like in a study-business day?

It’s a song pl to pl. The day at 6:45. Tikrt tdn I go to the gym in the morning, from 9 o’clock I stay in the office and in the morning I work in the paper. In the afternoon, I will either meet with clients or go cycling. As needed.

Where do you go on holidays?

Customers do not have long high school holidays! I relax every other day in the fitness, on weekends I ride roller skates. I can get to the cinema and I don’t despise even sitting with a bird. But travel at and with him.

Martin Proud

He is studying at the University of Economics in Prague. The city of English and after graduating from computer science would go a long way apart from management. He is the owner of the consulting company Maffin. He goes to the faculty from the office, between studies and work he organizes music festivals, with friends going for a beer, to the gym and loves coca. He doesn’t meet the family yet. He was 24 years old this year.

Aren’t you deprived of business while studying to get rid of?

As a student, he / she has above-standard income – several times the average monthly salary. I can also afford private housing, a car, rent an office and be an entrepreneur.

Also vm just about pensions?

Not that. I also do business because of culture. I am in the board of the non-profit civic association Music Billion of the Czech Republic, which is a member of the International Organization Jeunesses Muzicales International with its headquarters in Brussels and about 60 sections around the world. I personally co-organize the multi-annual music festival Pbramsk schody. Kon kadoron v beznu a leton ronk u my company sponsored. I need flexible working hours, I want to have personal development and organize work.

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