In the Czech Republic, five credit cards are out of the total number of payment cards. Most drivers have two preferences in compliance with strict contractual conditions. If you break the rules, it is very expensive for me.

Credit cards are as good as our cards, the holder draws them from here. Payments are usually required at regular intervals, at least in the minimum specified amount (most often around 5% of the current length). I think that those who want to take full advantage of one of the suitable credit cards, the so-called no-frills period, will meet the current long amount.

Punish the bank’s illegal debt

While banks tolerate the positive balance on this credit card, the situation prevails at a time when you are in arrears or you would, if not modestly, exceed the permitted credit card limit. If this happens, the bank violated the agreed rules will be punished. The methods are different and often combined.

As a credit card holder and a current unjustified debtor, you may first encounter a contractual penalty for non-compliance with the due date, or with a fee for overdraft. These usually one-time sanctions amount to between 200 and 550 crowns. If the bank vs calls for castle debt, to prepare you you will have to put a fee. Even these contacts are not completely negligible, they range from 50 to 550 crowns.

In addition to this, follow the penalty year (ie the external year attached to the current year and applied in case of breach of contractual conditions). Among the monitored banks, esk spoitelna and Raiffeisenbank set the highest rate. With the same 29% ron. On the contrary, the least written is mBank, which does not punish clients and even credit card debts until 31 January 2009 with a penalty year. From Norway, the bag before the change Raiffeisenbank and the Czech Savings Bank. year from delays set toti to 2.5% msn, ie 30% ron.

Overview of sanctions associated with debt on bank credit cards
Bank Sankn year
(v % p.a.)
Sankn fees
Citibank0 nedodren date of payment 550 crowns
pekroen limit 550 crowns
esk spoitelna 29 nedodren date of payment 250 crowns
UNDER 15 reminder 200 crowns
calls for payment of a debt of 500 crowns
GE Money Bank 0 reminder 250 crowns
fine for late payment 300 crowns
Komern bank 25 announced perovn vrov limit 15 crowns
reminder 500 crowns
LBBW 20 prodlen spltky 200 korun
peerpn tu 200 korun
mBank 0 invites to the castle regular installments of 50 crowns
Potovn spoitelna 15 reminder 150 crowns
Raiffeisenbank 29 1. calls for payment of a debt of 200 crowns
UniCredit Bank23,4 pekroen vrovho limit 250 crowns
Volksbank 26

reminder 200 crowns
paid 400 crowns

Kladn sum on creditors impatient Komern banka a GE Money Bank

If you pay more credit cards to your credit card than the total amount of debt, the bank is very likely to be tolerant and will receive the pension. The only question is that you can achieve it. You do not value the paid pension on that credit card. If the bank with a plus balance on the level sweats at all, state a positive rate of zero percent for a positive balance. In essence, it is, for example, the very principle of a functioning credit card, as it is.

Nevertheless, some clients send more pensions to their credit cards, not their current debt, and they will change completely. Increase the limit of the cards you intend to draw in the near future. You should not swallow the bag without exception with this procedure.

“This method is not allowed by the client and is monitored. The client is entitled to pay on the card only the amount to the debt according to the contract on the day of the castle, ”explains the situation at Volksbank product manager Ji krob.

A similar situation prevails with the novelty on the domestic mBank credit card market. “It’s not possible to get over credit in the classic way. Theoretically, such a situation can only occur if you pay with a credit card for goods, replenish the debt for the goods, but for some reason drill and merchant pension back to the number of credit cards, ”explains Pavla Rennov, a press spokesman for the bank. Even a client of Komern banka could not get a positive choice on his credit card.

Technically, it is possible to get a plus on a GE Money Bank credit card. “The client can withdraw the pension from the ATM or the bank will automatically return it to him for a certain period of time, at most after those months, from which they were sent to GE,” summed up Milan K from GE Money Bank. However, you do not have to impose a sanction on the days from the contacted banks in the event of a positive balance of credit cards.

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