Stavebn spoitelny has been trying to compete with mortgages with its infernal worms for a long time and not lag behind them. Therefore, offer products that are similar to some parameters. As they are? Here is an overview of some of them.

In the last few years, the conditions and appearance of hellish holes have changed significantly. While it was once necessary to combine at least twenty percent advances a doshnout urit ve hodnotcho sla, gradually appeared hellish vultures with zero sweat deposit, which can be drawn immediately after the conclusion of the building savings contract. At present, these uncontrolled infernal counters are provided by all six building societies. Thus, their maximum possible maturity has been extended, and it is also possible to regularly repay their installments by dividing them into periods. What are the properties that were taken from the hypotench, incl. In addition, it is convenient peklenovacch vr a dnch vr ze stavebnho spoen is a possibility at any time without penalties to repay what about hypotkch invalid.

The offer of different types of hellish fires is wide, so we have prepared a detailed overview for everyone. The offer of Raiffeisen building society and HYPO building society can be found together with general information about haystacks v tomto lnku. Here is an overview of what he offered two building societies, namely Wstenrot and Modr pyramida. We will deal with the other two savings banks in the following comment.

Wstenrot stavebn spoitelna

Wstenrot stavebn spoitelna divides its clients giving hell into two groups. The first includes those who have a building contract for at least one year. At the same time, it does not matter at all which building society the contract is maintained. It doesn’t have to be just Wstenrot. In addition, this contract does not have to belong directly to the applicant himself, including when the construction company has agreed for one year or the minor child of the applicant. Those who meet these conditions will receive a hellhound with a suitable annual rate. It is offered under the name Supervr and can be pumped without a potent deposit.

The type of group includes other clients who have not agreed on a building partnership. For n is urlen peklenovac vr Partner, it can also be obtained without any potent deposit. As you can see from the table below, his years of rates are quite a lot for you.

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Speciln peklenovac vry

Dal hellhound is a supplement to the new loan for young people from the National Housing Development Fund. vr je nazzvn Prvn byt, it can be obtained with a zero down payment and a favorable annual rate of 3.9%. It can be used by those who meet the criteria for the provision of a loan and at the same time have at least a 12-month contract with some building society. Opt is the contract of the second man and the minor child. The condition for the payment of hell is the submission of a contract of heat from the SFRB.

Peklenovac vr REVIT more is provided to housing companies and associations of housing units. It is intended for financial repairs, reconstruction and modernization of apartment buildings and individual apartments. In the case of prefabricated apartment buildings, REVIT plus is able to provide additional support from the SFRB within the framework of the PANEL program (according to Government Order No. 152/2004).

An overview of the parameters of all listed hellings is in the following table. In the case of Supervr, clients who have enough to give a maximum of six months before the expected thermal allocation of a person’s income, have an annual rate reduced from 4.5% to 2.5%.

Wuestenrot stavebn spoitelna
in advance (% C)my fare variantyears rate
Peklenovac vr PARTNER
0%OF, OK6,60%
Peklenovac vr SUPERVR
10%OF, OK4,80%
30%OK4.5% or 2.5% *
40%OF4.5% or 2.5% *
50%YOU4.5% or 2.5% *
Peklenovac vr PRVN BYT
REVIT more

Source: building society


C = customs duty. * Reduction rate of 2.5% salary for the case when it is enough for Supervr is max.

As can be seen from the table, the type of hellhound and its down payment, which can be selected, depend on the tariff variant in which the building contract is agreed. Wstenrot distinguishes three tariff variants (OF, ON, OS and OK), their parameters are specified in the type table. The tariff variant can be changed if necessary.

As for the years of the spoen and dnho vru rate, the client can choose one of two combinations: the rate of 2.1% per spoen together with the dnr vrem rate of 4.8%, or spoen with the rate of 1%, when the dn vr ro rate of 3 , 7%. In the event that you choose a variant with their rates, in the end I will have the disputes resolved at a rate of 2.1%, from the spot spoen.

Wuestenrot – tarifn varianty spoen
ratedown payment vru (% C)msn spltka vru (% C)recommended msn deposit (% C)
OK30%0,7%0,25 %
Combination of year rates: spoen / dn
you can choose 2.1% / 4.8% or 1% / 3.7%

Source: building society

Notes: C = clov stka

Blue pyramid building savings bank

The blue pyramid of St. Infernation distinguishes according to their use for two programs: Living a Reconstruction. The first is intended for the castle, the cost of housing for rent, in addition to the purchase and construction of real estate, it can be a landlord and a grandfather, pay off another land or build a dilapidated apartment. The Reconstruction program is intended for changes and gossip of residential premises and residential buildings. el use of hell is co-determined by the rate of eight years, for reconstructions the rates are otherwise under the same conditions.

In the years of the rate according to the dependence on vi poo pozo stky at the time of the company enough of incl. All hellish blue pyramids can be pumped even with a zero down payment, if more than 35% of the customs duty is spent on it, the rate is lower (otherwise under the same conditions).

And the next parameter, which determines the final year of the rate, is the method of securing the heat. Again, the better the client uses, the rate is otherwise under the same conditions. The way of ensuring it is not entirely arbitrary, but it depends on the faith and thus on how many months the client goes to the term assigned to the person.

The specific combination of advance payment, collateral, elution used and the resulting year rate are shown in the following table.

Blue pyramid building savings bank

Two programs according to el use hell. vru:

Living programReconstruction Program
Zpsob zajitn vru:down payment 0 – 35 % Cdown payment over 35% Cdown payment 0 – 35 % Cdown payment over 35% C
bez zajitn6,8 %6,5 %6,9 %6,7 %
ruitel6,4 %6,1 %6,8 %6,4 %
the structure of impotenceto 300 tis. K5,1 %4,7 %5,9 %5,7 %
Hypovr4,29 %3,99 %4,7 %4,4 %
Hypovr 1004,99 %4,99 %4,99 %4,99 %

Source: building society


C = customs duty. The minimum in “Hypovre” and “Hypovor 100” is 300,000 crowns. The mortgage of the property may be replaced by another suitable collateral, e.g. deposit or bank slip.

Hypovr a Hypovr 100

As can be seen from the table, Hypovr is an infernal building with a minimum of 300 thousand crowns, a mortgage on the property. It is at a lower rate than other standard hayers, so the minimum monthly deposit is reduced from 0.3% to 0.2% of the duty. Thanks to this and thanks to the possibility to spread the total time of the payment and for 25 years (from hell plus plus from the day) the payment is lower than for other hellings in the MP. With a long maturity, zero down payment and a secured mortgage on real estate, Hypovr resembles some mortgages. In addition, they have such a limited period of validity of the rate associated with them. This is because it is fixed for only six years, so I can change what is usual with a building joint. The advantage compared to a mortgage is the possibility to make extraordinary deposits and installments at any time and without penalties.

From a regular time, the Blue Pyramid began to be offered as the first building savings bank hellhound, which can be financed and 100% of the property price. She called it Hypovr 100, the one-year rate is not the standard Hypovr, and it has a required life insurance debt.

MP also offers apartments for apartment repairs, associations of unit owners and individual apartment owners for repairs of apartment buildings. This name, called RENOVR Multi, can be drawn from zero down payment and a grant from the main Panel program.

You can find more about the development of hypotenches here

Parameters of the building spoen MP

For the fullness of the jet, we can state that the disputes are set at 2% and the client can choose the rate of daily debt from the building savings in the amount of 3%, 4% or 5%. The choice of the bag is not entirely arbitrary, it depends on the chosen variant of the connection and on the installments of the bottom of the heat. The spoen variant (fast, standard and slow) decides on the growth rate of the value of the value and thus on how long it will be possible to be present, incl. In the installment of the heat, it determines both the lower load and the long time of fulfillment and the total cost of the heat.

Do you have practical experience with a hellish boil? Would you recommend it to others who need to finance housing?

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