All building societies unanimously claim that building societies are a great way for children to save their pensions to start adulthood. And they’re right.

The deposits are final and thanks to the support will be supported in 6 years of savings and sun value. In one cycle of savings, you can spend 20,000 and 30,000 crowns on a contract with limited support, as well as on how to catch the parameters of the contract and spot. Thanks to the “building”, you can save your children at least a pension for the knowledge of your own home or you to pay for your shelter.

To conclude the contract there is a civil order, and if you do not have a child registered in it, go to the child’s birth certificate. Neither Grandmother nor Aunt Children can enter into a contract, unless the court entrusts it to them.

On the outside they are one, on the vpov mus bt two

If you want to conclude a building society for your minor child and it doesn’t work out well for you in your marriage, or you are divorced, choose the time with which you will sign the building society.

While the signature of one final representative is required to conclude the contract, he must sign both parents. When you get divorced within six years and you used to be “prajcne”, you can get the pension from the savings and at the moment when your children celebrate their eighth birthday.

The only exception is Buinka (Stavebn spoitelna esk spoitelny): when disputes do not exceed 250,000 crowns, one signature. Any parent will sign my contract. In the event that after the divorce of the pension from the children’s contract he wants to choose a child who has not signed the contract, the other parent will send me a notification, then Buinka will require both signatures. In the case of more than CZK 250,000, Buinka also pays the same as for other savings banks – do not pay the pension when both children do not agree on it. If you find yourself in such a situation, you must turn to the guardianship court with enough approval.

For example, you may need the consent of the guardianship court at the Blue Pyramid even if you want to withdraw your pension before the expiration of the age, and soon before it reaches the age of majority. Such a choice could be suspect for me, because even though the pension saved the parents, there are children and they should be used in his favor. In practice, no one caught up with the bag.

Problems with children’s contracts are problematic

The problems with building societies are somewhat problematic for children’s contracts. Without the consent of the guardianship court, you will not receive a refund at all or only by exchange – for example, Lika (Eskomoravsk stavebná spoitelna) will provide up to 10,000 crowns. enough bag must opt ​​to sign both rodies.

For Buinka it works a little differently. The claim to the contract, which arose on children’s contracts, is the possibility of transfer to a person close (for example, births, grandparents, etc.) and the so-called contracts to serve in one contract. The condition is that the person must have reached his contract, so he has the right to incl. In the case of infernal laws, the court decides on the assignment of child contracts.

The biggest problem is the lawsuits with vry, which are supposed to be pumpkin for old children. If their parents grow up to pay off the debt, after the age of 18, the savings bank will be able to recover the unpaid adult. Rodies are in the throes of a child’s contract because “only” co-sun and children, although most of them do not have their own income, is treated as a long-term.

In advance, you are not sure how your will turn out. In the same case, which was approved by one court, another should be rejected, there are no uniform rules for this.

How vhody nabzej spoitelny dtem

When you conclude a contract with Buinka before 31 December 2008 for children who were born or will be born during this year, you will receive a premium in the fee for concluding the contract, a maximum bag of 3,000 crowns, which corresponds to the amount of 300,000 crowns. The agreement pays when concluding one contract for one day. If you have two newborn contracts, pay for the second one.
Children under the age of 18 can also receive a 50% discount on the fee for concluding their first contract with this savings bank. The maximum discount is 1,500 crowns, which corresponds to 300,000 crowns. And by 31 May, children under 1 year of age have no more than a fee for concluding their first contract with Lika, up to a maximum of 300,000 crowns.
Modr Pyramida stavebn spoitelna
For children under 15, offer a spoon Pug. As with Lika, the child must have the first contract, and for people up to 50,000 crowns there is no fee, from 51,000 to 200,000 crowns there is a half fee. Spoen Mopy Junior is intended for young people from 16 to 21 years of age, who will conclude their first contract with Modrá pyramida. For the conclusion of the contract you pay only the full fee, the maximum duty is 200,000 crowns.
Raiffeisen stavebn spoitelna
(usually served with Hypo stavebn spoitelná) Provides a 15 percent discount on the fee for children and young people under 25.
Wstenrot stavebn spoitelna
For children under 18, Wsternot offers the Kamard building savings, which is exempt from the closed fee. The contract is concluded for a customs duty of 150,000 crowns and preferably 1,500 crowns.
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