If you have all the business activities, you have to apply all the expenses in the same way in Paul or according to the facts.

a number of small business questions, whether the membership, tax records, or to apply the costs of the so-called paula (from 30 to 80 percent of income according to the specific activity). The advice is relatively simple.

If you carry out an activity with which you do not have high costs, it is advisable to use a counter. Where you have to invest regularly in equipment, for example in the purchase of a car, machine, etc., it is likely to be better than the actual cost.

If you have stated the actual data in recent years and now find out that a pause would be suitable for you, you will probably not have to file a supplementary tax return for 2006. In it, you will have to supply all receivables and bonds, your ethnicity must be zero.

Opan procedure is simple. Whoever entered the data in paula and now it is appropriate for him to apply the actual data, I can do so straight away.

Manel started the business. He bought a tractor for leasing, the advance payment was 260,000 crowns, with a payment of 7,000 crowns, the payment will run for two years. Will these customs charges be levied this year? Or do they have to apply depreciation of tangible assets?

Expenses for financial leasing must be divided over time into so many tax periods, after which the lease lasts. If the down payment is the prepaid payment for the installments and the first external deposit, then you must divide it after the duration of the lease. In addition, you calculate the monthly installment in your case 7,000 crowns and multiply the result by the number of months for which the lease lasted in a given calendar year.

In this case, you may not apply for depreciation of assets that you specify in the scope of financial leasing, or the object of leasing is until the end of the payment of the purchase price the property of the company’s leasing.

From how the value of income tax paid for the past year is you paying advances?

If the tax base exceeds 30,000 crowns, you are obliged to pay tax advances with the following exceptions: if you have income from employment and you make up at least half of your tax base, then you are not obliged to pay tax advances. If the tax base of income from vertical activity (eg employment) is less than 50 percent of the tax base, but more than 15 percent, and the tax base is not more than 30,000 crowns, then pay the deposit in half vi.

This year, it is appropriate for me to state the actual data. In the fifth year, if I would like to apply for a married application, will I have to submit an additional letter?

This is bad depending on whether you had any bonds or receivables as of December 31, 2006, if so, it is necessary to tax them in the additional license.

I lost business in 2005 and 2006. I paid the income tax from the minimum tax base. For the year 2007, I will be just below the minimum tax base, so I will not be able to claim the loss. If I did not cover all the expenses, I would have a tax base above 120,800, could I claim the loss?

When you reach a tax base of less than 120,800 crowns, it does not apply to all the minimum tax base and you can claim the tax loss from 2005 and 2006, regardless of the fact that after applying the loss, the tax base will be no minimum.

I am a lka, I tax my income according to 7. In addition, I have a small pension for the translation of a professional article from English and for a Friday. Do these extraordinary incomes fall into 10, or should they be included in business income?

You will include your extraordinary income in the income according to 7. From these income you will not pay insurance for social security, you are obliged to pay insurance for public health insurance from them.

The son started a business in 2007. We can only get a discount for the month when he did business in 2007, or does he apply the entire amount of CZK 7,200, regardless of the length of the business? Can I file a tax return and apply for a tax credit for January and August?

The son will apply the entire amount of 7,200 crowns, you bag, if you do not support any other child, you do not meet the conditions for the application of joint taxation as of December 31, 2007. However, you can really apply the discount for it in January and August.

I had a suspended business for a year. In June 2007, I resumed my activities, plus I added a business certificate. Did he look at this fact as a business start, and wouldn’t I have to spend money from the minimum deposit of 120,800 crowns?

If you do not fall into the category of persons who are not covered by the minimum tax base (student, disabled person, forestry operator, etc.), then the minimum tax base for 2007 applies to all, it has been abolished since 1 January 2008.

In 2007, I received arrears on health and social insurance. I always doubled the tax. How will I proceed for five years, when I will not be able to claim insurance, how do I compare it?

Do not compare Daov in any way, because after the agreements with the insurance companies, it was only until 31 December 2007 to make the payment of the additional payments as an extraordinary deposit for 2007.

I had a loss last year and this year I’m in business, can I take the loss away? And do I have to pay health insurance when I’m at zero?

A minimum health insurance fee must be paid, even if you are at zero, even socially, if you have a business as your main activity. In both payments, it will come out after filling in the overview of income and expenses for insurance companies for the year 2007. Of course, you can take the loss. The loss does not affect the difference in income and expenditure for payments of health and social insurance.

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