Draba is one of the possibilities to get a property at a good price. Its estimated price, especially in involuntary auctions, is sometimes much higher than the price that is usually set by the auctioneer as a developer. How does such a public auction take place?

Drabou can be used to buy and sell real estate

Whether the price at which the property is newly owned by the owner, you or not the price at which it would be sold in pmm sale, is not certain. In the case of real estate, which is expected to increase the volume of potential buyers, and if the asking price is set appropriately and a promotion is obtained, the owner can get it for a fee, not if he sold it in the usual way. The participants in the auction can be dragged down to the stkm, which they would not give in the first sale for the property. What is reminiscent of the so-called suit method, which is a much more opaque and questionable bag.

The auction, on the other hand, is public, the bids of individual recipients are known to all others, and the result of the auction (if closed) is immediate and transparent. Not only real estate lost by debtors due to unfulfilled debts or other ties will be sold at auctions. Offer your vacant flats for sale, for example, flats of the company, and then negotiate a soft contract with the auctioneer.

How probh cares

The auction is generally held in public, its goal is the transfer of ownership (or other) first to the subject of the auction. It is based on the proposal of the petitioner, who in voluntary auction is most often the owner of the subject of the auction, in the case of involuntary auction then the auctioneer. The subject of the auction will be obtained after fulfilling all the specified conditions by the participant in the auction who makes the highest bid – the auctioneer. The auction sells property, real estate and property, such as receivables.

Pprava draby

He draws Draba as a founder of the petitioner’s proposal draebnk. It ensures the entire preparation of the auction and its course organized and is responsible for its final course. According to the law on public auctions, the auctioneer must have a concession to perform the auction and must have a joint liability for the codes caused during the performance of the activity. If it is the property of a state or a self-governing land unit, both the first and the self-government land unit may be the auctioneer.

By the petitioner proveden nedobrovoln draby je draebn vitel. They can be creditors, their receivables are secured by a mortgage first, a limited transfer of real estate or a first seizure (for movitch vc), financial series, social security administrations, health insurance companies. Voluntary auction is proposed by most owners of the property, it can also be a liquidator and a bankrupt.

Draebn vyhlka

The auction announces the auction of a specific concrete auction. It is a document in which all the law must be determined by the facts and which must be published in a way that is usual in the city due to the subject of the auction.

The auction decree usually states:

* msto a as konn draby
* the date of the final inspection of the real estate drains (it must be possible in at least two different terms)
* marked drabynka, petitioner, owner, long, stop (if they are involved in the case)
* whether the auction is voluntary or involuntary
* identification and description of the subject of the auction and its condition
* description of possible elements and bundles floating on the subject of the auction (eg mortgage first to the property)
* the price of the subject of the auction in the case of real estate, this is the estimated price determined by an expert
* in the lowest stage (price developer), minimum throw and auction security
* mon ways of castles of security assurance and deadline for its implementation
* the method and deadline for returning the auction security of those who did not become auctioneers
* conditions of participation in the auction, definition of persons who may not participate in the auction, obligations of the participant in the auction
* method and deadline for payment of the price reached by auctioning
* conditions for the subject of the auction to the issuer

Centrln address

On some specialized websites you can find information about selected auctions, or you can also search for real estate according to the specified criteria (for example, choose the location, size of the property, the number of apartments, whether it is a voluntary or involuntary auction, etc.). Sometimes you can find a whole lot of expensive proceeds, other times there is a link to the so-called central address.

Centrln address is an official “information system about auctions and other offers publicly available on websites led by Czech sweat. There are public auction releases, information on prepared and past auctions, and you can search for auctions here according to the specified delimiting criteria. There is also information about auction companies.

astnci draby

The person involved in the auction caused the person to get to the first place, the following are excluded:

* in case of involuntary debby dlunk and kind of manel
* in case of involuntary auction of members of the statutory or supervisory body of the first person, who is a debtor
* the person on whose property bankruptcy has been declared
* draebnk, licittor a jim osoby blzk a zamstnanci
* foreign sttn pslunk who did not reside in R (for real estate auction)
* first person not registered in the Commercial Register in R (for real estate auctions)
* employees of the series, which is responsible for the control of the auction, and employees authorized for the control of the Ministry of Urban Development
* if it is a repeated auction, then the auctioneer, who caused the change of the previous auction of the subject by the fact that he once auctioned it, but did not pay it, may not take part in it again.

Draebn sure

The condition for participation in the track is the so-called elephant. draebn certainty. Its terms and conditions by which it must be paid are listed in the auction. It must not exceed 30% of the lowest company. Auction security does not always have to be only financial means, but you do not have a bankruptcy. If the participant fails, the auctioneer is obliged to return the deposited security security without undue delay. The assurance of the elephant is based on the price achieved by the auctioneer.

Prbh draby

Prbh draby d licittor and starts it with the so-called call. He will present a statement about the subject of the auction, the lowest initiative and the set minimum bid, and invite the auction to make their own initiative. If none of the participants wants to do it, he gave the initiative even after this call, the bidder gave a knock to the participant of the auction, his initiative was the most – the issuer. The dark is over.

Vydraitel he is then obliged to pay the price achieved by the otter in the specified lht. For example, at the auction voluntarily, if this price is not more than two hundred thousand crowns, you must run the castle immediately after the end of the auction. If it is not more than a million crowns, I have three months since the end of the auction. In the case of involuntary auction, the period is ten days from the end of the auction, if the price does not exceed five million crowns.

Check about public drabch. 26/2000 Sb.
Citation 23, paragraph 9:

Dear, if the participants of the auction and you podn. If there was no double call and a statement from the bidder: “If none of the participants in the auction is the one, the bid was not the last participant in the auction (the participant of the auction who made the highest bid), go once the last podium and after that he raised the knock to the auctioneer who made the highest podium. One of the stimuli is the participation of the auction.

Buy at drab on the mortgage me bt problematic

The precondition for the provision of a mortgage loan is the arrangement of a mortgage on real estate in favor of the bank. Anyone who buys a property in drab, becomes its owner immediately on the day of its auction (at the time of the bidder’s knock), and after it is paid. Also, the buyer would have to put another property into the mortgage first, as there is no one who can arrange the mortgage first until the real estate is paid for. After the first mortgage will be arranged for the property to be issued, the first property can be taken from it.

This applies to auctions made according to the law. 26/2000 Sb. on public tenders and according to the civil court. In practice, however, drabyts are carried out according to other rules, so it is necessary to try to discuss the mortgage with the bank. In addition, each bank can proceed in these cases.

Another option is a pilgrimage to the paid up property of their own funds, if available, and you need mortgage refinance. On the problems that arise in mortgage financing real estate acquired in auctions, Jan Urban, only the board of directors of the Association of Mortgage Brokers: “Financial real estate in auctions is known to be complicated. Dritel does not want to register a deposit – or file a deposit proposal – for two years, not to receive a pension. However, the bank cannot release pensions without a lien. Once a refinancing facility is refinanced.

Hana Lukavcov from Hypotervis mortgages of the Hyposervis company describes the situation he will encounter in practice: Their financial mortgage is essentially unrealistic. If someone wants to pay a mortgage to pay the price of the real estate, they have to pay the auctioned property from their own resources and then refinance these funds again.

In addition to the auctions described here, organized by auctioneers according to the law on public auctions, the auctions are also conducted by courts, executors and online auctions are also held.

Some advantages of auction compared to pmm sales

* The price of the property acquired in drab can be much lower than in the case of a sale (of course, so do you). The participant of the auction has a complete overview of the offer of other customers about the purchase.
* Draba is a transparent way of selling real estate, unlike, for example, the suit method. The price is set objectively by the buyers, it is also little questionable.
* In the auction, properties are described in great detail, including an expert estimate of the price of the property. In the case of the sale of a tenant about the purchase of such an amount of information about real estate often.
* Property ownership passes to the issuer immediately upon completion of the auction (if you pay the price).
* Execution of the whole transaction can be very fast.

The disadvantage is the problem of financing the auctioned property with a mortgage, because at the moment when the auctioneer needs funds to pay for it, there is no one who could put it in the mortgage, which is a necessary condition for providing a mortgage.

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