Your car was damaged during parking. In the best case, you know the culprit, in hormones no one reported accidents. How will it be connected with the insurance company? Who has an accident report for?

I parked in a searchable underground park. On the way back to the car, I found out that an unknown person had damaged my right door. Will the code be paid to me from the mandatory liability?

The Czech Office of the Insurer has been set up to take out liability insurance for the code caused by the operation of the vehicle, and all insurance companies have been granted permission to operate insurance liability. Their contributions cover the costs of the operating office, but in particular they form a guarantee fund.

From this fund, the Office then provides the indemnity with compensation for the code caused by the operation of the vehicle, for which the identified person without insurance liability is responsible, according to the health or death caused by the operation of the unknown vehicle, for which the unidentified person is responsible, and a code caused by the operation of a foreign vehicle with a so-called green card. The office also casts codes caused by the operation of the vehicle, for which the insurance company is responsible, which has a contract concluded with the insurance company, which, due to a fault, cannot pay this code.

As follows from the above, he also remembers cases where the code is caused by an unknown vehicle, ie the unidentified person is responsible for the code. In this case, only health or death codes are covered from the guarantee fund of the Czech insurer’s office. In this case, the code can not be paid from the insurance liability, because it is only a material code.

However, there is strict liability for the code caused or caused by another person in connection with the activity that the operator or owner of the underground can park. If he has concluded an insurance contract for insurance liability for codes, the code would be demonstrably created on the searched car park paid from this insurance. In any case, you should apply for a code replacement from the underground parking operator. However, it is necessary to report the detected code to the operator to drive before entering the city in the parking lot and fill in the notification about the code created in the parking lot for the insurance company. It is also necessary to submit to the Police R on the drawing up of a report on traffic accidents.

It is necessary to contact the insurance company with a claim. Of course, the inspection of the vehicle by an employee of the insurance company.

If the operator is not insured, you must file a claim on the castle, the codes arising from its strict liability, e.g. through the courts.

I park in the parking lot in front of our panel house. Will I be reimbursed for the code caused by the vehicle that damaged my car when I left the park?

Insured liability applies to any person who is liable for a code caused by the operation of a vehicle specified in the insurance contract, if the code of the event from which this code originated and for which the insured liability occurred during the period of insured liability. For this reason, under certain assumptions, the liability code could be paid.

It is important to pour whether the vehicle’s registration plate (number plate) knows the fault or the code was caused by an unknown vehicle. the court has the obligation to notify the insurance company, or I can notify it directly through damage. If the registered trademark of the vehicle mark is known, the code will be paid from the insurance liability (compulsory liability) by the insurance company with which the fault is insurance. It is clear to me that the vink will not agree with the fact that he is to blame for the code, because he will not want to lose the bonus.

In that case, it will depend on how much the police are at fault. According to the new Act on Road Traffic (Con. 361/2000 Coll.), The party involved in an accident is obliged to immediately report a traffic accident to the R police if a person is killed or injured or a mass code occurs, especially on one of the wall vehicles, especially transported. vc or on other things 20 000 K.

In the case of an unknown vehicle, the situation is complicated. According to the 9th Act, the insurer is the first to claim his claim for indemnity with a full insurer or with the Czech office, if it is a claim for indemnity from the guarantee fund. It has already been stated that in the case of a missing person, in the case of unidentified persons and codes caused by the operation of an unidentified vehicle, only codes relating to health and life are reimbursed. In the case of an unknown vehicle, neither the insurance company nor the Czech office of the insurer from the guarantee fund pays for the material code.

The condition of the castle code is therefore to find the vehicle and report the code to the police R if the code clearly exceeds 20,000 K or a written statement proving its fault in the case of codes less than 20,000 K. In case of disagreement between the accident iu code mench not specified stka.

If you report the accident to the police, the police will find out the culprit of the accident.


There were accidents when another vehicle was overtaken because the driver I had preceded turned left without any change of direction. Anyone involved in an accident is connected to another insurance company. How will the insurance company proceed with the castle code of insurance liability?

First of all, it is necessary to assess who was the cause of the traffic accident, ie who and who was damaged. You are probably both at risk of damage and damage, and this also applies to the other party to the accident. In the report on traffic accidents, the Police of the Czech Republic should therefore decide on the perpetrator or the proportion of the fault.

Liability is assessed according to the pslunch provisions of civil law (431). This means that if the operations of two or more operators meet and if it is the bottom between them, according to luck, the answer to the cause of the codes.

The Insurer casts for the operators who are jointly and severally liable for the caused code, in such a way that, according to the extent of the fault of individual clients, they pay their own according to the code. The determined information is based on the available information (accident report, accident report, expert opinion, own insurance company, etc.).

A complex situation is in the case where the damage is at the same time due to a traffic accident. If his fault is one hundred percent, he should not be fully provided.

As mentioned, it is usually based on the accident report. From the Police of the Czech Republic, where the fault of individual participants is described. According to the ratio of obligations, the ratio will be determined by which the insurance premium will be paid for individual damage and the current fault. Therefore, each insurance company should pay for its client the damaged code.

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