The so-called accident insurance protects the car from damage and destruction. It is reasonable to insure a car, and few people realize that you need to regularly check and adjust the insurance. D so save quite a few pensions.

Jana Veselkov from Litoměřice spent less than a thousand crowns on a series of good advice and one phone call, and there is a single accident insurance company. At the same time, she changed the only parameter of her fuse: the price of her used car.

Reset the fuse

When I bought you a year-old Fabia code last year, in June 2005, I took out an accident insurance right in the bazaar. The price of the car was set at 199 thousand crowns, which was a hundred, for which I bought the car, to Jan Veselkov.

The so-called comprehensive tandem insurance company from Kooperativa (accident insurance + compulsory insurance) was spent at CZK 14,208. Since then, she has not taken care of the insurance, she only paid it in quarterly installments. In the meantime, the price of the fabia has fallen, quite sharply: from about 200 thousand to about 150.

When Jana Veselkov called the Kooperativa branch on the advice of St. Kamardka-pojiovaky last week, she learned that with the current value of her car, the insurance would not be 14,200 crowns, but only 13,300 crowns.

U draho auta bude spora jet vt

On insurance, used fabie uet Jana Veselkov less than a thousand crowns; in expensive cars this bag can be much more.

Her Bulek from Prague updated her Ford Fiesta accident insurance twice. When he bought a new car for 300 thousand crowns in the autumn of 2003, he paid (in this case for combined insurance) 16,200 crowns.

He first dreamed of the price of the car in 2005, his insurance dropped to 13,300 crowns. He made the change first now and pays only nine thousand crowns – the current price of the car is about half, 160 thousand crowns. Bonuses for such a significant discount for the fact that Mr. Bulek did not have a daily accident or other insurance event.

For really expensive cars, their selling price drove up a wealth of accessories, dropping value very quickly. That is why several thousand crowns should be paid for after one year – for example, Korean limousines can lose even 200 thousand crowns a year.

Jana Veselkov was still not sure if I could actually make the price change. For?

I didn’t really want to dream about the price of the car. I thought that I would get the 200 thousand, which I pay for, and when I get the price, I will also receive my pension, he explains.

And this is a huge mistake, in which he even gave tens of thousands of owners of emergency cars. During the race, the motorist who has the agreed accident insurance will be paid the so-called general price of the car, as it was on the date of the insurance event, to Vclav Blek from the Czech insurance company. For the average motorist, it will be most surprising how such a general price is set.

Let’s not go with the bottom tables, but our analysts set general prices for the basis of market research. In layman’s terms, you get as much as you would sell the car for in a particular day in the bazaar – of course, minus the share, which is five or ten percent, badly, what you have in the contract, explains Vclav Blek.

As we found out at one of the branches of the Czech insurance company, according to internal calculations of the Fabia code 2002 with a 1.4 liter engine from our specific store, the current value of 140-145 thousand crowns: to go about ten thousand less, not for how much to sell in car bazaars. So you wouldn’t get anything in that case – with a ten percent association, it would be about 125 thousand crowns. And the fact that you pay a premium of 200 thousand, the insurance company is not interested at all.

You only need to be careful of the so-called undercarriage – if you insure the fabia from our treasury for 120 thousand, it will be the highest price, the share will only be torn down.

velc zdrauj, had the prices of dr

You have to take care of yourself

So you have to take care of how much you pay. The insurance companies do not break to inform you that you can save – it is a furnace for their pension. In the same way, it is up to you to decide which insurance to insure. And why don’t insurance companies take care of updating contracts themselves?

We do not have a daily automatic system that would reduce the insurance according to the declining value of the car. There is no rule that the price of insurance must fall along with the car. When paying insurance, you sweat with a lot of parameters, and the price is just one of them, says Alena Janotkov, head of the communication department of the Allianz insurance company. Her colleague from the Czech Insurance Company proved this on the basis of the insurance premium for the VW Golf 1.9 TDI Trendline – while the car from 2005 at the price of 430 thousand crowns is insured for 21,298 crowns, a year old from 2004 for 21,650 crowns, ie by 352 crowns . The reason? Old vehicles are risky for insurance companies, so they receive higher rates.

Insurance alchemy

Determining the price of insurance for specific cars is literally alchemy, the direct price is only one of the main aspects.

The other is the number of cars, the number of kilometers traveled and the condition of the car – whether it is guaranteed or standing on the street – its equipment – whether the wall is basic or above standard. But it is calculated with statistical data on the reliability of a specific type of car, its attractiveness for thieves, accidents and many others, explains Vclav Blek.

Car insurance: how to pay me

The layman does not understand the understandable mechanism of the set in the insurance, it is clear to compare them with new and used cars. Does accident insurance pay off?

So should I insure the price of a car accident at all? This is welcome because of the insurance policy, but also the discount of the wallet. It is not so much about the car seat, but mainly about the possible costs for repairs after the havrich.

The motorist has a protective cover at all times, not only the risk of crushing, but also accidents and natural events. That’s why you pay him that way, not because nothing happens to him for those years and then his car is stolen. The most code we pay for are the walls – when a branch falls on the car, when someone breaks it in, or when someone steals the car sound system and go to the door and interior, to Blek.

It is important that the spare parts used for repairs after the accident are covered by the accident insurance at new prices. We do not depreciate on compensation. When repairing the code, we will reimburse the client for the cost of repair and the use of new parts, but at most up to the usual price of the vehicle, to Alena Janotkov from Allianz.

So how many accidents do you get in the event of your own fault (obligatory to pay the obligatory warranty)? In general, it does not work. But if you go to the contractual service of the esk pojiovny, we will go over all the details directly with the service and you will simply take the repaired car. The only thing you will do with the insurance company will be your participation, to Vclav Blek.

Fuse snare

Ford Fiesta, r. v. 2003

  • new price 300 000 K
  • fuse 16,265 K
  • now price 160,000 K
  • fuse 9043K

code Fabia, rv 2002

  • purchase price 2005 199,000 K
  • fuse 14 208 K
  • now the price is 150,000 K
  • fuse 13 328 K

Note: the actual calculation is connected, for both cars are full bonuses for operation without accidents.

Be careful, it is not always possible to go to a cheaper one

How to change the fuse

1. Find out the current price of your car – we can exchange several bazaars or search the Internet

2. Call the insurance company and file, and calculate a new accident insurance policy for this current price

3. If e uette, go to the branch in person and terminate the contract

4. Immediately conclude a new contract and pay the first installment

5. The overpayment from the old contract will come in sweat

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