Choose the first holiday destination today, as well as the way you will finance your holiday. If you want more, not what you just have, offer a whole set of incl. Choose a bag at a time, and do not pay for the plates thousands more.

Appropriate courses and an open border contribute to the fact that, as in previous years, most of them consider ignorant leave, which they want best abroad. Don’t hesitate to dig deeper into your own pocket, and they are even willing to go into debt for a few “fleeting moments” for several years.

Therefore, we looked at the current offer of various products of banks and travel agencies, which will offer a holiday in installments. We were interested in what financial conditions you want 30 thousand crowns with a time of fulfillment of 24 msc and 50 thousand crowns with a time of fulfillment of 36 msc.

We focused on the basic evaluation of the criteria, namely the APR, the total amount paid (at the date of fulfillment according to the contract) and we supplemented them with several installments. See the following tables for comparison. In the first you will find data on the loan 30 thousand crowns fulfilled 24 msc, in the second you will find data on the loan 50 thousand crowns fulfilled 36 msc. In addition, the number of bank loans is not used for a specific use, so it is possible to cover any financial needs.


In installments (in K)


Total paid (in K)

Komern bank 1 428 13,59 34 044
Bawag Bank 1 444 15,22 34 656
Citibank * 1 448 15,54 34 752
Raiffeisenbank 1 469 17,17 35 234
UniCredit Bank 1 404 18,01 35 396
UNDER** 1 42715,80 35 468
Potovn spoitelna 1 43218,75 35 651
mBank 1 507 19,67 36 168
UNDER*** 1 439 21,73 36 476
Volksbank 1 454 15,72 36 596
esk spoitelna **** 1 544 20,92 37 452
GE Money Bank 1 511 22,72 37 719

Source: Banks
Note: * salary only for clients who have a Citibank credit card according to 6 msc
** salary only for SOB clients who have at the bank according to no 6 msc
*** salary for non-clients of the bank
**** S does not publish the total amount paid, therefore the calculation is made according to
APR and a fee that the bank does not include in the rate

As can be seen from the table in the table above, one of the most expensive in the Czech Republic is offered by GE Money Bank. Pay it in the total competition by 7,720 crowns. In addition, if you want to get rid of two in debt, you must prepare at least another thousand crowns. Fee for temporary installments and 5% of the volume of replenishment, min. but changed thousands of crowns. At the far end of the imaginary bank ended Komern banka, where under the same conditions, pay this amount only by about 4 thousand.


and spltky
(in K)

RPSN (v%)Total paid
(in K)
Komern bank 1 634 11,92 58 990
Citibank * 1 665 12,91 59 940
esk spoitelna **1 78816,98 60 254
UNDER*** 1 635 13,66 60 440
Bawag Bank 1 683 13,72 60 588
Raiffeisenbank 1 687 13,90 60 718
UniCredit Bank 1 64615,13 61 556
Potovn spoitelna 1 69516,96 62 945
GE Money Bank 2 055 19,27 63 350
Volksbank 1 708 14,72 63 788
UNDER**** 1 706 18,44 64 076
Citibank 1 923 25,01 69 228

Source: Banks

Note: * salary only for clients who have a Citibank credit card according to 6 msc
** S does not publish the total amount paid, therefore the calculation is made according to the APR and the fee, which the bank does not include in the rate
*** salary only for SOB clients who have at the bank according to no 6 msc
**** salary for non-clients of the bank

A slightly different situation prevails in the monitored loan volume of 50 thousand crowns with installments of 36 msc. You can get the first loan at Citibank, where you pay over 19,228 crowns. On the contrary, the best option is to return to Komern banka. She is able to offer less than 9,000 crowns with a surcharge.

Of course, the deposit is calculated with information from banks, and therefore fixed rates, which they offer for their products. The bag can only be speculated to the extent to which the client actually values ​​this value. Always bad, especially on its creditworthiness, but also on other evaluation criteria, according to them, the bank specifies it completely specific parameters of the year.

Mole targets shnout both on credit and current account

Banks, unlike travel agencies, do not specialize only in the direct connection with the holiday. Not all listed vows are tracked to which pensions are used. Due to this, it is possible to look for an overdraft and a credit card.

Both types of finance are short-term and provide certain specific benefits.
Unfortunately, do not ask for a credit card with an unlimited period of 55 days (the normal is 45 days), and if you need an outflow, you will probably not use the unpaid period for a long period of time. Once you have exceeded this period with fulfillment, prepare for years around 20 percent ron.

The overdraft facility allows the distribution to be spread over the whole year with a relatively short year (around 15 percent of the year). In addition, they reduce all items of income (eg salary). You must keep in mind that within a year of meeting the erpn vru you have to settle your debt.

With travel, you will meet without it, but short-term

However, if we are confronted with the fact that we are looking for a suitable holiday, the possibility of one can also be found directly in travel agencies.

“We will offer Home Credit only one variant allowed in installments, namely the 10 + 1 model, where the client always pays by 10%. The time of fulfillment is always 10 msc, “to Michal Tma, marketing manager of the travel agency

“Our clients do not develop long-term installments. A clear two advantages of the vine without wind, which will meet within 4 months, “describes the situation in the travel agency FIRO-tour marketing and strategy director Pavlna Peov.

A similar situation prevails in CK Fischer in its cooperation with Cetel R. For a selected CK client between two variants. The first is to meet the “classic”, which in our case would mean overpaying the thirty thousandth loan by 8,784 crowns and the fiftieth thousand for 24 msc by 14,632 crowns. The second and most frequently used option is to deposit 10% of the price of the descent and pay the remaining st. Then you don’t go to the bottom.

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