Many people are in the retirement views of the city. At the same time, the first time they worked on the sweat, they were in their retirement. The Czech Social Security Administration has now been working on a pilot project to inspire people to inspect their retirement accounts. He distributed them to people in mailboxes.

Mui was born in 1954 and the women of 1957 will find insights into the pension cabinets these days. These people will retire in two years, so they have to go check their file and possibly supplement the missing employees.

m dve se lid, zejmna ti v peddchodovm vku, zanou zajmat o sv dchodov zleitosti, tm hlad prbh me mt pak zen o dosti o starobn dchod, vysvtluje tiskov mluv Jana Buraov

What are the people looking out for?
They would not even have to look at the data, get the total number of years worked and a long-term overview since 1986. From the overview of retirement age, people will find out how their periods of insurance (employment), or so-called compensatory periods of insurance and debt since 1986, first in its records.

A lot of people are in sight of the city, so missing data?
A lot, it’s such a situation. That’s why we drank with this pilot project to appeal to people and challenge them to check two, it won’t be too late.

Ovlivn fakt, e nemm v dchodovm kontu zanesena vechna zamstnn, vi mho dchodu?
Yes, income from 1986 and the year preceding the year of the pension are taken into account for the calculation of the pension. For people who retire this year, the pension will sweat from a lot of debts for the years 1986 and 2014. If the applicant provides information about the missing employment, he will be credited again and there will be a difference in the return of the pension and five years back.

Will my brigade join my retirement?
Even a short-term brigda, if it has established a share in the insurance and is defined, sweat until the time of the connection and have an effect on the income. The total period of employment (insurance) is rounded down to the nearest whole year for the calculation of income. If the sum of the time is, for example, 42 years and 334 days, the number of holiday brigades (31 days) will help to earn the next year’s insurance and thus higher retirement.

In addition to employment, the retirement insurance period is also included in the pension. What does this notion fall into?
It is a life period, in which the hunter does not pay insurance, but according to the law, this period will be included to a certain extent in the period of retirement insurance. Some spare time is spent on full board, others only limited. The time of military service, time of care up to three years of age and time of care for a vertical person are fully evaluated. On the contrary, the period of study and the time of registration for a number of works are only to a limited extent.

Do not retire while studying at university?
The period of study after the age of 18 (in the period up to 31 December 2009) may be included in the first 6 years. The period of study acquired in the period from 1 January 2010 will not be included in her retirement. The period of study and the time kept in the records of the series of work are indispensable periods of insurance and for the entrance to the entrance is reduced to 80%.

And how is the personal record sheet reflected in a series of jobs?
The period kept in the register of job seekers is recorded whenever unemployment benefits or retraining benefits have been paid. On the overview, let us state the time of the time that we record, we will decide on their return for the pension, and at the time of the event, we will pay enough for the pension.

Confusion among people was caused by the time of employment.
In the event that people have an overview of, for example, a combination of employment and business, then these times do not happen, but they are included in the total competition of times only once. Thus, in the case when the time is connected with the surrogate time, for example, take it when you start, it can be included in the total competition only once. Simplified, this means that a maximum of 365 days can be required within one calendar year.

The distribution of personal letters is a pilot project. How to evaluate its viability and how would it possibly continue?
We did not set a criterion value. However, if we marked the project as successful, we would continue in it in the following years and always send out reports for a selected group of people.

However, anyone can submit a personal letter, whenever anyone who is curious, does not have to wait, and you will fly it to him.
Data on retirement benefits and those in the first place should be under the control of not only people shortly before the retirement age. Anyone can get my insight, it’s easy. There are two ways. One is for owners of data boxes (data tags), who have an overview of their times connected online, via the SSZ ePortal.

The second way is that the recipient will still write enough about the issuance of the so-called informative personal sheet of the pension insurance for the social first, and he will receive it for free. Over the course of this year, we have sent her 93,000 shipments with these information sheets. For comparison: in the same period last year, they were sold by 16 thousand mn. The volume is also growing.

Interest vs. how will you retire?

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