We know the farm, we can imagine breeding pigs or cows. But how do salmon behave and how suitable is business? I scanned that behind the northern circle on the Norwegian islands of Vesterly.

There are several men sitting in the room, each of them has a sweat in front of them, so the wall in front of them is full of screens. In twenty groups, employees of the Nordlaks family monitor the trout and salmon, which the company produces 42,000 tons each year.

If the fish is run as a shackle against the most common diseases, it is possible to eliminate the need for antibiotics and other nutrients. We monitor the water temperature, oxygen levels, fish farming, but mainly we control the feed. When it falls to seven meters, it is clear that the salmon do not eat and we feed them colorfully, explains Frede Christoffersen, who is in charge of operating the section that we first see on the screens.

Above the surface, you swell and spill food. There are thousands of fish waiting for him underwater. Small salmon are fed several times a day mole, large salmon get food once a day, but fed long, dodv Fred Christoffersen.

Na farm

Not the chilled salmon gets on the counters of the store, it’s a fold process and start first on such a farm. Nordlaks operates a total of 40 mosques, 18 and 20 of them at the same time.

live all salmon and trout zan in freshwater. In the first part of life, all fish are delicate, and therefore require extraordinary drink so that pitch can grow from them. These are actually fish teenagers weighing about 100 g, who are after eight and thirteen months (bad for the season, in the summer they grow fish faster) ready to be relocated to salt water in sdkch. They are located on the open sea, have a circumference of 120 and 160 meters and are 30 and 50 meters deep.

The city kennel produces 14 million pitch each year. After about 22 mscch, the salmon weighs five kilograms and travels to the factory for processing.

In tovrn

The first thing I see are the perfect salmon slices, one by one they go after the dog’s bedroom, which twists and to the cooling box. The boxes are eight and ten kilos and the fish is covered with ice. The trucks then take them to the trains, from where they travel to Oslo and by plane to shops and restaurants in the countries of the European Union, mainly to France, Denmark and Poland. The Nordlaks only have a few hundred tons of fresh fish on the Esk counters. Salmon fresh 14 days

This is quite a complicated operation to get the fish to the factory. We come to sdkm with a big boat. We connect Lo and sdky with a pipe, let’s countercurrent. Let the salmon sail into the boat yourself. She joins the factory, to Lars Martinussen, who is in charge of marketing the company.

In the factory, the fish are set aside with electricity, and the cutters then grow one by one. Fish bleed in cold water. This is followed by flaking, expelling the entrails from which the fish oil is processed, the gutted fish are again chilled in the tank.

He elongated the fillets to prepare the machines, the workers manually check that all the bones are gone, then put the machines apart. This is followed by quality control and where the fillet is in. Only one hundred productions are filleted into smaller pieces and frozen.

A by-product of salmon farming is the production of fish oil. Inland fish and responses from fish processing, which they have not been able to cope with in the company for a long time, are used. The oil is produced directly in the factory, and when it is brought to taste, it is warm and looks sympathetically orange. But only the appearance is disgusting for a Central European. It is possible to process the whole fish, except for blood.

I learn that eating one fish at Christmas is definitely not enough. In order to get enough omega-3 acids for the body, we should eat 100 grams of fish twice a week.

Family business and big investment

During my flight around the islands of Vesterly, I was pleasantly surprised by the local weather, which affects the warm Gulf Stream. Thanks to them, you can still heat up to thirty degrees in the summer months. The first Gulf Stream creates ideal conditions for salmon farming in northern Norway.

Nordlaks is Norway’s largest family-owned company engaged in aquaculture, ie filled fish farming associated with water management. The family of the founder of the company Inge Berg bought a farm in Hanøya Vesterålen, not far from the day after the company’s headquarters in Stokmarknes, and produced 150 tons of salmon in the first year.

Then saw the mountains of time, fish prices fell a lot, which led around the year 2000 to the bankruptcy of many companies. Nordlaks took advantage of this and managed to buy it.

The local people usually work in factories and on farms. Today, the company has about 200 employees. In the second half of the year, when there is more work, because salmon grow faster, another 60 and 70 brigdnk are hired. In winter the fish are small, in winter much more. In June, their appetite increases every week, adds Lars Martinussen.

The company ek large and pelomov investment. In May 2020, it will put into operation the Havfarm sea, which is the first mobile lo-farm in the world. It will be 400 meters long, 120 meters wide and will hold two million salmon. It will be located in cities where it has not yet been possible to operate sdky. It is a huge investment in about one billion Norwegian kroner, ie about 2.7 billion Czech koruna.

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