Don’t even realize that retirees can’t rely on the state, so they’d better prepare for themselves. The so-called supplementary pension scheme, which is part of the third saw of the pension system, offers many benefits. Not all of them, however, get these benefits to the maximum and the rest so you want to retire, thanks to the comments of Richard Siuda from the Conseq pension company.

The state of the pension system has been alarming for a long time, and unfortunately the reform is still not coming. Compulsory social security contributions from the wages of the working population today do not even mean the security of the old-age pension from the state in the st. These funds, which I use in the tools of the farm, are in turn differentiated and the payment of old-age pensions is more problematic now. The fact that residents prefer to rely on themselves, so surely no one will be surprised. If a hunter wants to live dignified instead of living at the end of his life, his own retirement becomes the most certainty.

The interest in the pension spoen is growing

even if you access pension funds with a door, however, there are known gaps in the use of public funds. According to the information of the Association of Pension Companies R, and in the form of a supplementary pension supplement, as well as a supplementary pension savings, it reaches the number of those who are actively preparing for a total of 4.5 million. It has not been possible to join transformed funds since 2013, as interest in employee funds is still growing.

These very positive statistics give a bit of a deterioration to the fact that, unfortunately, a large number of people do not know what optimal way to save money so that they can take advantage of the maximum benefits of pension savings.

Financial support is much higher for pension financial products than for building societies. And based on two popular pension connections, its benefits, unfortunately, can only name every fourth hunter. In addition, a large percentage of people do not even know that there is any support for the state, then under what conditions to achieve it.

Supplementary pension spoen in a nutshell

Supplementary pension savings are financially supported financial products that support residents in their own retirement savings through pension funds. With its contributions, the state is trying to help financial institutions to ensure what we are not able to do at the moment, or to help future pensioners save their pensions for a decent st. If the certain conditions are met, I will be able to achieve and contribute to the financial levy of any citizen of the Czech Republic.

Benefits of pension funds

A citizen of another state with a permanent residence on the territory of the Czech Republic and an assigned family home can receive a state contribution. How to choose a post to make the most of your support?

1. Sttn pspvek

Most people have a network that is acceptable to them, they would not even know how much they should save in order to make the contribution as high as possible, and it had the greatest possible effect for them. Often you often have very low contacts with a minimum central contribution, the first of which is the main support for this product.

The minimum in the savings is set at 100 crowns, but the right to the central contribution arises and in the event that the client pays 300 crowns per month, the central contribution in 90 crowns. From the deposit over 300 crowns, your contribution is 20%. With a deposit of CZK 1,000, the client will contribute 230 K, which is also the maximum amount. If the client saves 1,000 crowns or more, the contribution is reduced to 230 crowns, the client will immediately open the bag.

2. Income tax rebate

As in the case of the employer’s contribution, the client can have his contribution to the supplementary pension savings fund deducted from the tax base. When spending from 1,000 or more crowns or at least 12,000 crowns, it is possible to apply a discount on income tax, which from January this year will reduce the tax base by 24,000 crowns, which represents a tax dispute and 3,600 crowns per year.

With optimal savings, ie 3,000 crowns per month, and the total contribution 2,760 crowns. Thanks to the automatic claim for the maximum tax deduction, ie 3,600 crowns, your total support for the client’s dispute and 6,360 crowns.

3. Employer’s contribution

The employer’s contribution to the pension is one of the most popular and suitable corporate benefits. Apart from the sttu, the employer is supposed to contribute, the stka is not regulated at all. Contributions of up to 50,000 crowns per month are not subject to social or health insurance obligations, and for employers, contributions are additionally eligible costs. It should be noted, however, that the contributions from the employer are not the same as the client’s contribution, or they are not covered by the benefit of the main contributions from the state.

Don’t panic at low drops

As the people of their pension fund have a large volume of pensions for many years, it is necessary to choose a suitable fund of fuels and in time to get acquainted with the conditions of its functioning and its history. Due to strict rules, which pension funds are actually subject to, these investments are safe. Transformed funds do not achieve high profits due to the final guarantee of the so-called positive zero, which excludes mon financial losses. This guarantee is therefore criticized as ineffective and unparalleled in another developed country, or prevents the possibility of a high-value client dispute.

Higher profits can be achieved, for example, by choosing one of the mutual funds, which offer various investment strategies in which the client’s relationship to the risk is involved. The coronavirus epidemic has sharply affected local funds in recent months, but you don’t need to panic. The long-term horizon is a strong weapon of these funds, or short-term declines will compensate. That’s why you need to stay calm in times of extremely volatile markets.

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