All the people are aware of the need to secure a pension and not just rely on a pension. Analyst Richard Siuda from the Conseq Pension Company discusses the comments in order to take the pension into his own hands and whether he would rather save and invest.

The pension system and its reform is a much-discussed topic. We all know what it’s all about: the current running of the pension system is based on the principle that people in productive age pay their seniors’ salary taxes and expect their pensions to secure future generations. It works, assuming population growth.

And here is the core of the problem: the population, on the other hand, stiffens and thus the flow of funds into the system decreases. Inevitably, it tends to the state when there will not be enough in the middle of the money box for pensions. Not even the shift of retirement and gave more cosmetic changes parameter nothing. Reform is inevitable, but at the same time a very unpopular darkness, so no one rushes into it. And so I have no choice but to take my pension into my own hands, and that’s two, it still clings.

Naspote si na st

The first step is to establish a retirement savings. The supplementary pension scheme started in 2013 and replaced the pension supplement in the second sawmill. The old pension funds changed their names to the transformed funds, and their participants received an offer to transfer to the newly established pension funds.

Not everyone has used it, despite the fact that the new funds are much more flexible. They can choose to which the pension of the investment company will be, in several variants of investment strategies conservative, balanced and dynamic.


Transformed funds invest only conservatively, as they guarantee the Kadoron an undeniable return. The resulting input is positive, but most often will not cover inflation.

In a dynamic form, inputs are significantly higher, of course they are redeemed by the risk of short-term losses, which will compensate for the long-term horizon. However, this is not for any investor. You need to be prepared for short-term losses and not panic. For those who do not like this risk, I can choose a conservative and developed investment strategy.

Catch funds the first step to investing

If you take a really responsible approach to your pension, there will probably be a time when it is not possible for you to pay a few hundred to the pension savings. What dl? Fundraising is a popular and popular tool. Unlike pension savings, this is an investment, which is also suitable for every investor. It’s affordable and easy to invest in virtually anything: from stock bonds to real estate. One hundred hundred msn, the necessary know-how is provided by a professional portfolio manager, who d.

The fund is its own set of assets of a large number of companies and its manager is an investment company, which buys securities for companies on the financial market. A great advantage is the automatic diversification of the resulting portfolio, which a small investor could not compose from individual shares.

As with the pension spoen, the investor decides on the investment strategy. The salary, while the investment horizon, the dynamics of investment, I can choose, because even if the value of the investment will decrease for some time, the subsequent growth will erase the losses. If the investment can really be used to secure retirement, the market will also offer a life cycle program that will gradually preserve its investment over time. This means that even with the retirement, he invests in conservative instruments and there is no danger of a loss that will happen soon before he retires, which would not be able to match.

At the same time, investment funds are a very safe investment. The assets of the sub-company are separated from the assets of the company’s investment, and if the investment company went bankrupt, its funds would be taken over by other directors and the sub-companies would not drink for their pensions.

Take how, spoit or invest?

Ideal both. If there are enough resources left in the field, divide them into both variants and get the best out of both. The pension savings bank offers a lot of support, tax levies and minimum fees, the share funds are available to you again (if you want, you can choose funds for certain regions and sectors, for example) and at the same time they are significantly more liquid (you can choose only a few portfolios at any time).

The basis is you, invest regularly, and thus investor discipline. Rely on portfolio managers, vd, co palj. You cannot avoid a short-term decline, it is important to keep your nerves strong and not to panic, do not disturb or sell at the first slight decline. The long-term investment horizon will compensate for the declines and will pay off the returns.

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