The dog of 84 thousand rubbed his hands this year. They managed to evaluate their pensions, even though day rates are minimal. Where did they invest? Until the 2nd retirement saw. How are the others today? About spoen on retirement pe in the comments of analyst Martin Mat, portfolio manager of Partners investin company.

Public opinion polls and their results can be easily folded or twisted at the discretion of the contracting authority. This year, however, after those years, a project has ended that has affected all adults and in which no one can make excuses for incomplete and eradicated resources. These were the results of the second saw of the pension savings bank.

Only 84.5 thousand of them used it, they decided to connect to the sun with contributions from the state and have a pension that comes from their income. Definitely they did it. The others preferred to pay the tax and wait for what was left of them.

But Spoit on Wed is you. The age of growth is growing and retirement cannot be increased due to political impenetrability. There will be no increase in pensions and there are two ways to slow down their decline. Both are quite unpopular with an increase in social security taxes and a gradual increase in retirement time. Both occur slowly and unobtrusively.

A moment stedokolsk mathematics

Support for private disputes over retirement is therefore necessary and any program that would go in that direction is the right one. Suitability is easy to achieve. It is right to set aside around one or two percent of salary. If someone also offers to go to him, he gave 3 percent msn, then the pots are simple. For example, with a salary of 30 thousand crowns per month, this means saving 600 crowns, and if the bank spends another 900 crowns per month, you have saved 18 crowns per year. After those years, the people have 54 thousand crowns, after 40 years more than 720 thousand crowns.

But it is a long time in which some influences intervene. Neglecting, for example, inflation, the current target of the NB are about 2 percent, and thus valorization, in addition to income in today, according to the promise of policies about 2 percent. These effects would be easily covered by the return on invested disputes, which, according to the riskiness of mutual funds, would be around 5 and 8 percent.

When stt dv, it takes

And we can continue in simple ways. If the state would contribute to your disputes, of course I have to want something for it. Well, he wouldn’t have to, but you know him. The punishment would be in the spirit: if we contribute something to what you can do, then we will deduct 0.3 percent from your retirement for each year of spoen!

Will such a spoen be suitable? Yes, it’s still a better sparrow in your hand, so the pension on yours, not an uncertain sttn pension in the distant future as a pigeon on the stee. After those years of savings, the future income is 0.9 percent lower, after 40 years of savings by 12 percent. That’s not bad.

After those years, you save 54 thousand crowns, but you get a pension of 0.9 percent. The current average income is around 12 thousand crowns. But Stt would dream of him by 108 crowns due to ethene. Similarly, after 40 years of savings, the pension would be 12 percent lower, ie 1,440 crowns. It looks like a large sum, but again, the people would have at least their 720 thousand crowns, of which you received as much as 60 percent directly into the state.

2nd saw: a code that is not drilled

So how do you decide? Since most of them did not enter the project, it is likely that they will live to be 90 years old and the second sawmill will be rejected. For those years, the sum of 54 thousand crowns represents a subsidy from the state of 32,400 crowns. It will take you 25 years to gradually deplete this amount after 108 korunch, which means you have to celebrate your nineties when you retire at the age of 65.

they will come out in the same way if you save 40 years. So you would have to be 90 years old, don’t run out. How about comparing it to just the ten-year pension I want to have as a vital pensioner? When entering the second sawmill, the question should have been: Do I want to draw 270 crowns from our pension for 10 years or keep a pension of 108 crowns?

This suitability was not limited to people with minimal incomes. With a salary of around 10,000 crowns, it only made sense to save if you expect an income of less than 10,000 crowns. For an income of around 30,000 crowns, the choice was clear and the 2nd saw had a bath. The project was over, everyone had a choice, and in addition to less than 80,000 people, everyone else believed that the 2nd drink was evil. He wasn’t, he wasn’t, and unfortunately he wouldn’t be.

Expect to wait or invest

So the question is how to invest now and just not wait for the retirement. He who realizes that the pension will have the same as the salary, is at ease and only pays the tax. The rest should start immediately. Current rates are low, but there are financial products that have a long-term return of around 8 percent. These are, for example, stocks and funds.

Conservative, even if they feel like it and they are afraid to choose a pension whenever they are rocked. But if you park your pensions in quality funds, spend. Shares are not even term deposits and their prices change every day to show their fair value. Therefore, it is not easy to imagine where their prices will be for three months per year.

However, it is possible to build on historical experience and they show that the long-term return on quality stock indices (not individual companies and a negligible stock market crash) is around those 8 and 10 percent. And this is confirmed by 180 years of observation, despite events such as the 1st and 2nd World Wolves, the Great Depression, the oil spill, the collapse of the Beatles, the financial crisis of 2008 and the collapse of Greece. People who invest first can go back and grow their future income without fear of what it will do to them.

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