Do not work honestly, owe a large pension, and so they found themselves on the black lists of their creditors, who can see me on the Internet. Will the new European Union law on the protection of personal data from public disgrace remind them?

Vinastv, freezer fish, feed shop for animals and a number of other businessman debt companies in South Moravian Valtice statisce crowns. The so-called black list of debts can be seen by everyone in public on their websites.

We got on about seven years ago to keep the debtors disciplined. Not all of them are listed there. It is logical that when someone is late for a while, we do not do it this way. There are listed companies that have not paid invoices for a long time, to the manager of a Valtice company.

Although the list does not apply to public figures on their e-shop, they are not entirely sure whether they will not have to withdraw it from their websites under the scrutiny of new European legislation on the general protection of personal data.

According to the first, the key is whether the black company has a pull-on company or a specific hunter. The protection of personal data according to the GDPR applies only to natural persons, in this case to those who work as self-employed persons. The publication of the list of OSV debts as a processing of personal data would be an indirect one on the part of the company, my lawyer Klra Valentov from the consulting company Vilmkov Dudk & Partners.

ad for the protection of personal data values ​​of public personal data in connection with unpaid receivables as an inadmissible interference with a private person. For the first persons, ie companies and societies, but protection under the GDPR will not affect. First-person persons can only attack such acts only in civil law, for example due to unfair practices, adds lawyer Valentov.

Valtick firm, however, paid off. We have a long time, the receivables have been settled. I think that’s the first step. When someone is not able to get their jobs even after several urgencies and promises, they have to deal with the fact that there is a countermeasure, to the manager.

Advertising with disgrace

Valtick’s business is not the only one that has struggled with longevity. The list does not want to be published publicly on its website and the e-shop with sales of Spektrum zdrav products. Years ago, he even had it written and ready for publication. We thought about it for a long time, but in the end we decided not to take this step for many reasons. Analyzes and experience have shown that similar measures will not have a morally positive effect on this lack of mischief. Unfortunately, these things are at the expense of the e-shop and don’t do anything about it. The customer is a customer, said Ren Libi, CEO.

According to the first, there is a way to deal with public debt, but in practice it is difficult to enforce it. It follows from the opinion of the Council for the Protection of Personal Data that publishing such information on the Internet and making it available to the public is only possible if the long-term consent has been given to Gabriela Jirkov, a lawyer at bpv Braun Partners.

The owner of a small robbery, Peter forty-five years old, would like to retaliate for a long time. And be ashamed, whoever goes to the e-shop at once, will see the names there and pay attention to them, and at the same time it serves as a warning to others, my table, which got into an unseen situation due to such payments. I had a few months left hanging for the Plmillion order, they just didn’t pay me and that’s it. We had to move to the reserves and our family spouse to hell it, remember. On his website, however, according to him, the black list would not have a day range. Not as well-designed as an e-shop, add a table.

Don’t take it, it works badly

On the other hand, the NejRemeslnici portal should not be used for lack of customers. cz, where people demand emeslnick services of all kinds. So here they posted a public blacklist of dishonest companies. Let’s use this tool since the arrest of our project. The aim is to protect consumers from fraudulent or low-quality companies, to the director Martin Ekrt. According to him, it is an inn tool that helps me in the fight against dishonest business partners.

The difference compared to previous e-shops is that it is not a list of long-term, but dishonest craftsmen who in some way deceived intermediaries and customers. The work he presents is highly professional and, according to the Trade Register, he is allowed to prepare for construction and finishing construction work. Due to its negative references, there is a high risk of poor quality work. We do not recommend cooperation with this company, they displayed a bad business card on the web for one of the cracks in construction companies. There are similar plates on the black list. The names of companies, their I, address and contacts are published.

According to the first, however, the situation with black lists, and these are long debts, even dishonest craftsmen, is the same. If it is a company, then this issue does not fall within the competence. We are not gossiping, this is for some civil dispute, to Tom Patk from the personal data protection series.

What ever did the company just take revenge

However, there can also be a completely different situation that an entrepreneur finds himself on the black list undeserved or would not owe. If the data of the debtor (natural person) were published without his prior consent, I would contact the company to delete personal data from the Internet, and the latter is obliged to do so, to lawyer Jirkov. If the creditor does not suit him, I can contact the supervisor. Individuals can contact the Council for the Protection of Personal Data, which has spoken to the public about the names of long debts in the past, or the situation may be resolved by civil law, adds lawyer Klra Valentov.

Due to unfair competition and damage to goodwill, they can sue creditors in court for public and public debt. The courts assess these cases individually and in certain situations, public disclosure of debts is not considered unfair competition, notes lawyer Jirkov.

In seven years, the Valtice company did not hit the lawsuit. We did not officially notice such reactions, especially praise from others that we decided to do so, and we even found some of our clients among them, to the manager of a South Moravian company.

Portl meets here and there with summons for a judicial meeting. Paradoxically, these are often entities that have accused them of fraud with advances on customers and information from us. Our experience clearly shows that if companies introduce their business partners, they do the same to customers, says Operations Director Martin Ekrt.

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