If they are more than ever, the two are willing to change employers. Thanks to minimal unemployment, it is better to find a better job. The main attraction is your salary. However, companies are also looking for new colleagues with a varied offer. Some bonuses are a lot of neotel.

A recent Randstad survey found that 18% had changed their jobs in the past six months. And about five people are actively looking for an active new job, or have moved on after an interesting work placement with another employer. In addition to the financial evaluation and good name of the company, we have heard many candidates for an interesting bonus offer.

And so almost every HR manager today thinks about how to offer something unattractive, attractive, and at the same time elnho. So we can meet with bonuses such as smoking cessation courses or dreaming and a single peace of mind. So with a stimulus of interesting team building and work events at sea or in the mountains, to Michal Novk from the job portal Profesia.cz.

According to Novek, the popularity of benefit d age. The young generation is badly dependent on the character they work for, whether they have the opportunity to educate themselves and develop their career, they also appreciate the creative environment of the work environment. Once people reach the age of starting a family, they benefit from the benefits of switching to work-life balance. The old generation, on the other hand, appreciates more contributions to the spa, relaxation stays or culture, adds Michal Novk.

Odvn poiny in the form of unlimited free time

And so companies can rush to get the right cadmium. Forget about the time when you received meal vouchers, the contribution to the pension savings and mobile phone. Employee benefits and benefits represent more than one branch.

For example, in the Direct insurance company they included unlimited free time among the benefits. Employees can thus take as much paid leave as they need. The condition is 100% secure functioning darkness and additionally required results.

Every quarter we ask our colleagues what would make them happy. Recent research has shown that everyone is allowed after a few days. We decided to try out how unlimited free time works. But that does not mean that we will all pack up, take two months off and leave clients in peace. First, on the contrary. Each team enjoys unlimited time on their own. I have to guarantee that the company will work one hundred percent. Marcela autonomkov, the director of Pe o tm in Direct, explains with autonomy.

Unlimited free time is a rarity. As in the past, a financial bonus was recommended for recommending a new employee or recruiting. Today, however, these benefits are popular.

For the recommendation of a new employee, a number of production companies today pay for their existing work contributions, which reach 15 thousand crowns. In the vast majority of cases, new employees receive contributions from recruits, which are around 10 thousand for debt positions, and around 50 thousand crowns for qualified positions. In some production outlets, each month draws lots for the money of the game, which reaches up to 100 thousand, to Jitka Soukov, marketing manager of Grafton Recruitment.

Housing costs are also paid

And how did the interesting benefits in the labor market do not go? Employees of manufacturing companies often receive allowances for work and housing allowances, which can reach 100% of the cost.

Teambuilding activities, often of the adventure type, are very popular. Companies cost enough, but again, hope that they will gain employee loyalty.

So many companies have opened company stamps. There are also bags that are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visit Pakzazen’s children according to the changes of their parents, to Jitka Soukov. However, according to the support of families with children, this is not the case. Some companies also offer the Tetika service. In this case, employees usually castle 50% of the cost.

Healthy stuffing

And then there’s the area about employee health. In addition to classic, free sports activities such as skating, swimming, fitness and meat, there are also the services of nutrition counselors. Some companies introduce fitness quarter hours for their long-term working hours to eliminate pain in the walls.

It is now relatively popular for companies to invest in their own massages, rehabilitation workers and provide employees with the opportunity to use these services for free, either directly at work or with contractual partners. Employees receive contributions for relaxation, live supplements. Companies will provide various workshops for employees on darkness, stress prevention, healthy living and lifestyle, adds Albta Honsov from Randstad.

A relatively new contribution to holidays and relaxing weekends is still expanding, in the amount of 5 to 20 thousand crowns.

Dalm novmbenefitem is financial compensation of early salary in case of sickness. On the one hand, companies compensate for the low wage in the first days of illness – thus motivating their people not to go through illness and live among other colleagues and stay at home. And then match the salary of those people who actually take their sick leave and stay home according to.

Ukate mi kancel

The benefits include a modern working environment. The well-equipped premises are offered mainly by IT companies and companies operating in the field of business services. According to a well-known survey, the equipment of the office is an important argument for accepting job offers, and 79% of employees want to see a job before signing an employment contract. That’s why our offices just offer a whole range of gadgets so that employees can enjoy themselves here and relax, in addition to work, to Jonathan Appleton, director of the ABSL association, which brings together business service providers in the Czech market.

And so employees in this field can meet, for example, a relaxing room in the style of an alpine hut with a fireplace or a dark room for meditation and for a short healing shower. They can hang out on the beck track on the stee building, visit the cocktail bar and the outdoor terrace with barbecue facilities.

Trends in employee benefits abroad

Regus magazine also found benefits in foreign companies. He mentions, for example, the so-called Purple Coins, with whom he played a Singaporean startup. Employees donate coins to their colleagues whenever they do something good. Purple Coins can be exchanged by employees for various rewards from tickets to the cinema to additional time off.

South African corporate communications company Missing Link offers people this free of charge. Dropbox has a music studio. The Burton snowboard equipment supplier offers free ski passes and Airbnb to pay its employees $ 2,000 a year for travel and accommodation for users of this platform.

The Indian company in the field of IT services RMSI runs consultations on the darkness of parenthood and the relationship, as well as the work of a child psychologist. In addition, the company organizes photography, painting and guitar lessons as a form of art therapy.

One US study suggests that in the United States alone, nava causes $ 411 billion in losses. Several companies, including Google and Hootsuite, have trouble setting up facilities and responsibilities where their employees can take a moment during the workday.

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