Although pibv at first about blc with the recession, in lt especially does not arrive. According to a survey by ManpowerGroup, these aunt of large and medium-sized companies are planning to hire new employees in the next quarter. And most of all in the last year.

Employer in the Czech Republic Hls for this quarter of 2018 optimistic labor force full. A total of 8% of the addressed companies will hire new employees, only 2% are considering redundancies. The rest of the 750 employers expected did not anticipate a change. The same labor market index (ie the difference between those who will gain and those who will pass) is for the next three months at the value of + 6%. This is the most optimistic of the last year.

Unemployment is not only in Europe and economic growth is one of the highest. Thus, new jobs are emerging, even in regions that have suffered from a lack of job difficulties, says ManpowerGroup, CEO of the Czech Republic, Jaroslav Rezlerov.


He warns that companies will continue in the unions and unemployment will go down. In the past period, we have seen a slight slowdown in the labor market, but this quarter will be the peak in the labor market, when companies recruit the most employees and unemployment is the lowest in the first cycle, adds Jaroslav Rezlerov.

Restaurants and electricians in Moravia will be waiting

The largest companies with a certain labor market index of + 30% will take over (ie 31% will take over and only 1% will fall). Optimism is also growing significantly in medium-sized companies with the same index of + 26% (28% will gain and 2% will fall). Small companies have an index of + 9% and micro-enterprises under 10 employees index + 4%.

New cities will be offered by employers in eight out of ten branches. The strongest recruits are fully predicted by the employer in the hostel and canteen sector and then in the production of electricity, gas and water. There is then wholesale and retail in tetm mst.

It is interesting that the manufacturing industry as a whole has shown a slight decline since the end of last year, even though we have seen a large number of employees in the automotive industry. The first people in this area work the most, one aunt of all employees, so it is an important indicator, to Jaroslav Rezlerov.

The survey also finds full companies according to the city of operation. And so it follows that companies will get the most in Moravia, while in Prague and all of them only slightly. According to the director of Rezlerov, Moravia has been very optimistic for three years now, so it is important that first time you invest in the country, now a new city is being built there.

The world is positive

The results of a survey conducted by ManpowerGroup in a total of 43 countries around the world are generally positive. With a more uncertain geopolitical insight, the three employers remain optimistic from a global point of view and, in various respects, meet the number of workers. The exception is Itlie, where the index for the last two quarters is negative. A clear majority of the employers surveyed said that they would keep the number of employees at the same level, or increase them, only a fraction fulfills the reduction of the workforce.

An example of strong optimism are employers in Finland, where the index is the highest since the arrest of a survey six years ago, but where the strongest recruiting environment has been expected for the past few years. Panama, on the other hand, has the weakest number of recruits since the arrest of the survey in 2010 and the forecast in New Zealand is the most pessimistic since 2009.

The survey took place at the age of 55. It is based on a survey of 60,000 employers from the public and private sectors. The respondent is asked: How do you expect the total number of employees in your company to change in the next quarter compared to the current quarter?

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