In order for an employee to be considered a worker once, several conditions must be met. It must first take place when the work wheels are full or in connection with them. Petr Novk from the company Vae explains how situations can occur and how to know whether it is a work once.

1.Working once outside working hours

In which cases can I work once outside working hours and what is considered in such a case?
If the employee happens once outside working hours, it is necessary, among other things, to assess whether the employee completed the work rounds or performed the acts in connection with the full work rounds. It is therefore not possible to conclude that if it happens outside working hours, it is not working once. It is not even possible to read that once it happens outside working hours, but at work, it will always be working once.

Do you have an account on the day when you can work once outside of working hours?
This may be the case, for example, when an employee becomes a member of the employer once. In such a case, it is a working time, even if it happened before working hours. In this case, the employee performs the work in connection with the full work of the wheels, prepares for the work, it is necessary before the work.

And what ever happens to employees in the ranks and other foster parents?
If such a thing happens at the employer’s workplace, it is the job once, it is necessary to assess each specific case. If the employee does not leave the employer’s premises during the meal and rest period, the horses are usually connected with the full time of work, at the time of the journey to the place where the employee eats.

The food bag itself is not such a horse. Therefore, if, for example, the employee refuses the soup during the second time, it will not be a work once, if the bag sprains the ankle on the stairs on the way to the dining room in the employer’s building, the mono will once be considered work.

What if the employee stays at work after work and gets injured?
If the employee stays at work for a long time, or would return to work after working hours, for example for a forgotten thing, it would probably not be one day at work.

Pro, can you explain that?
In this case, the employee does not complete the work round or perform the work in connection with the full work round. Therefore, if an employee forgets to work, for example, a wallet, and after the end of working hours he drills for it, I drink the way once, he can not be considered working.

What does the employer have to reimburse when it happens to him at once:

  • compensation for loss due to debt
  • pain
  • odkodnn for zten spoleenskho uplatnn
  • reimbursed eln spent cost associated with flax
  • nhradu vcnou code
    source: Vae
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