If your employer offers a contribution to the pension fund or to the life insurance, you can celebrate. With a properly set up contract, these are very attractive benefits. But what is appropriate? And when the hell do I benefit from such a benefit?

A supplementary pension or supplementary pension connection with two with the contribution of the employer makes sense. At the same time, it has a minimal probability that someone will set it incorrectly. As part of corporate benefits, it is one of the most popular and in the Czech Republic it is used by 1.4 million employees. And that’s the time. Spoit for retirement pays off, do not talk about tdr support and the employer.

The contribution to the pension savings is growing

In recent years, we have seen a growing trend in the number of employers who take advantage of this benefit. Jan Lek, manager for external sales of esk spoitelny penzijné společnosti, helped the company to increase the limit of tax rebates for companies to 50 thousand rons for each employee.

According to Richard Siuda, director of sales of the pension company Conseq, the employer’s contribution is registered on the aunt of their customer contracts. The average contribution to the contracts of our clients within the pension supplement is CZK 747 and to the contracts of the supplementary pension savings 1012 crowns per month, add Siuda.

Spoen for retirement: sttn contribution and tax rebate
Own msn payment in K1003005008001000150020003000
Sttn msn pspvek v K090130190230230230230
Ron quite a bit on the data v K.0000090018003600
Total ron benefits in K01080156022802760366045606360
Note: Dreaming of a tax base of 24 thousand K (ie the same 3,600 K) will be made through a tax return for 2017, which will be signed in 2018.

The contribution to life insurance is declining

On the other hand, the number of life insurance contracts with the employer’s contribution decreases, now there are about 300 thousand of them. This trend is, among other things, the result of stricter rules of tax advantage in life insurance, but thus better financial literacy of the people. Anyone who is blind in the intermediary hard that after 30 years of life insurance contracts will pay more than in supplementary pension savings.

Life insurance as an employee benefit is paid only in a situation where most corporate pensions go to cover risks, not to the so-called investment unit. If you want to save for retirement, look for additional pension savings, a guide for corporate customers of Partners Luk kopek.

It is not even suitable for employees when the company arranges an exclusive cooperation with a specific insurance company, because then they have to arrange a new life insurance policy. Companies should decide whether there is a bonus from the insurance company for exclusivity, or whether they are looking for a real benefit for employees.

If you lose your contribution in time, the payment obligation for the employer will automatically take effect. The contract may be terminated, but at the cost of a high penalty for premature withdrawal from the contract and the obligation to deliver the employer’s contribution.

save msto sludge

Don’t know which variant to choose? Don’t look in it. The main thing is to know if you want to go back to the retirement savings, or if you prefer to insure yourself in case of death. Follow the instructions in retirement or insure yourself for life insurance. Not reversed, otherwise you could sell the company, warns Kopek. His words are confirmed by the propots.


  • Employee: 35 years, contract concluded up to 60 years of age.
  • Substitute substitute: 800 korun msn.
  • Own payment: 500 crowns / msc.
  • Expected rating: 5% pa
Valued deposit in K
Total paid for the contractivotn pojitnSupplementary pension connected
390 000610 589840 867
source: propoet Partners

It follows from the offer that the supplementary pension savings is suitable compared to savings within the scope of life insurance. Spoen in life insurance is even so inappropriate that financial advisers have the NB to use the word savings in connection with life insurance.

The facts about the pension

This pension (voluntary) consisted of a pension supplement (PP) and a supplementary pension scheme (DPS).
Advantages: Possibility to draw sttn contributions max. 230 crowns msn; a tax base of 24 thousand; contributions from the employer up to 4166 crowns / msc.

Pension pipojitn:

  • It was possible to negotiate until 2013. It is now possible to continue the contracts or transfer the contracts to the PCB.
  • The contracts must contain a guarantee that they must never be in the red. However, clients could not determine their investment strategy.
  • Transfer of PP to PCB is suitable for experienced investors and for investors who have 15 or more years of retirement.

Supplementary pension:

  • Nstupce penzijnho pipojitn.
  • The guarantee is offered only by some pension companies with selected funds.
  • Clients can, within the framework of their pension company, directly determine how the fund can work with funds.

Pechod from DPS to PP nen mon.

Fakta o ivotnm pojitn

life insurance will primarily help to hell financial, which is a way of unfavorable life situation.

  • To pay for the insurance of various risks of death, disability, called sickness, inability to work, etc.
  • With a certain set of contracts, you can dream of a tax deposit of another 24 thousand and draw the employer’s contributions.
  • The tax advantage applies only to payments for insurance in the event of death (otherwise tax deductible is not deductible) and payments to the so-called investment unit.
  • life insurance does not pay only for the whole savings (investment). Even if the entire contract was paid only by the employer within the benefit.
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